4 Poetry Prompts to Help Your Writing Blossom

May is upon us, and with a new month comes new and exciting perspectives for great poetry. If you’re looking for a few thought-provoking prompts to get your creative energy flowing, look no further. Grab a pen and paper and let’s get writing!


1. Write a poem inspired by your mother or a mother figure.


Mother’s Day was on May 9th this year. Allow the holiday to inspire your writing. First, choose a woman (or women) to serve as the inspiration for your poem. This could be your own mom or someone who has served as a motherly figure to you over the years. Alternatively, you can choose to spotlight a friend or someone you admire. Think of all of the attributes that make this woman special, and write a tribute to them from the lens of motherhood. If you feel comfortable sharing your writing with your muse, this can also make a great gift or be an unexpected bright light in someone’s day. 


2. Reflect on the month of May and allow it to inspire your writing.


Consider the month of May. How does this May compare to last May? Two Mays ago? Three? What is happening in your world, and what has changed since last spring? Then, reflect on the Mays to come. What do you hope to see in the future? What have you learned from the past? Allow your own experience—or the collective experience of the world the past year or two—to serve as the foundation for your writing. 


3. Focus on “blooming” as you write a spring poem.


In the Northern Hemisphere, May is said to mark growth and blooming. Allow this imagery to be the soil for your next great poem to bloom. How can this be a time for you to bloom? How are you watching the world around you thrive and grow? Contrast this with the previous winter season or the cold uncertainty of a personal or communal circumstance. Let the words “blooming” and “growth” be the heartbeat behind your words. Write a piece that focuses on giving a painful season purpose or looking ahead to a more joyful future. 


4. Write a Limerick in honor of National Limerick Day.


May 12 was National Limerick Day. To celebrate, try your hand at writing a limerick or two of your own. Composed of five lines with an aabba rhyming scheme, limericks are often humorous and light-hearted poems. Increase the fun by inviting others to participate with you. You can choose a theme or freestyle for a friendly competition. Maybe the winner gets to choose the next book for your poetry book club? Or perhaps it’ll be the perfect opportunity to have a socially distanced get-together at the winner’s favorite restaurant. There are lots of ways to make this fun. Get creative and get with your community!


May has so much to offer, from special holidays to powerful symbols of growth and renewal. Allow this special month to serve as an inspiration for your writing, whether you decide to reflect on the past or look forward to the future. I hope these prompts serve you well in your brainstorming. Happy writing, dear friends.