5 Reasons You Should Start or Join a Poetry Book Club

One of the best ways to connect with other poetry lovers? Be part of a poetry book club! In the day and age of social media, there are many different ways to connect with other avid poetry lovers. Not to mention, there are benefits to embarking on a poetry book club journey.


It allows you to experience your favorite  poetry collections with a group

This is one of my favorite things about poetry book clubs. Poetry speaks to all of us differently, and when we hear another person’s perspective of a piece, it is enlightening and motivating because it challenges us to take another look. Poems evolve with us as our emotional response to them also changes. Hearing a piece interpreted by another person is such a personal and special interaction.

Maybe they had a completely different take away than you did when you read it. Maybe they caught onto something you didn’t about the symbolism, style, or imagery that will help you have a greater appreciation for the piece. Or maybe it will open up a conversation about the subjectivity of poetry and art and how we can all experience the same words in unique ways.


It gives you a great excuse to get together with friends

The stress and chaos of the work week takes its toll on all of us. This is why it is a huge blessing to have a structured, routine meeting with your friends that you can look forward to and that allows you to recharge. If you decide to have your poetry book club meet on a weekday, watch how it will breathe new life into that day by giving you something to break up the monotony of the work week.

If you decide to do it on a weekend, it can also double as a wine pairing night. This is a wonderful opportunity for everyone to decompress and shake off the stress from the day. Plus, what is better than wine, friends, and poetry?


It may broaden your horizons

One of the best things about a book club of any kind is that it usually includes variety. I love the idea of letting each member take turns choosing the poetry collection that the group will read. This may broaden your horizons and introduce you to new poets you might not have read on your own. Highlighting a variety of poets will open you up to different types of poetry and important subject matters.


Poetry book clubs don’t have to be in person

Love the idea of a poetry book club but have no time to dedicate to meeting up during the month? That’s okay! Social media has made it easier than ever before to connect with people. Allow your poetry club to be as involved or as simple as you want it to be. You can have a group chat with a few people or you can meet in-person with lots of friends to discuss others’ poetry and even read your own.


Poetry books are perfect for reflection and discussion

No matter what kind of book club setting you decide on, poetry is the perfect genre for group discussion. It has such an emotional and subjective component that really brings people together. The emotional response drives deeper discussions about big topics like abuse, mental health, and heartbreak. These kinds of conversations often help provide us with healing words of hope, love, and renewal.

Sometimes, the perfect way to open up a conversation is to open up a collection of poetry. Poetry speaks to the soul: it speaks to the things that hurt, the verses that heal, and the words that keep you going. It is an even more empowering experience when shared with a friend. So, gather some friends, talk about your book selections, and get something started. You won’t regret it!