The Space Between Us book cover

Spotlight on Collaborative Poetry Collections

Collaborative poetry brings two or more authors together to create meaningful writing with unique yet cohesive voices. Just like a musical duet, poetry collaborations are exciting because they give talented voices a chance to create a harmonious, new experience for their readers. With each writer given the chance to showcase their unique gifts, the following collections of collaborative poetry are sure to make your heart sing along. 


The Space Between Us: Poetry and Prose by Courtney Peppernell and Zack Grey 


This collaborative poetry collection is dedicated to anyone who has ever experienced the emotional ups and downs of a long-distance relationship. Peppernell and Grey’s alternating perspectives help draw the reader into the different stages of living apart from someone that you love. The beauty of this being a collaborative work is that you get to experience each phase of a long-distance relationship through the eyes of two separate poets as they weave their words together and create a cohesive experience for readers to feel seen and understood in their own relational highs and lows. 


Dragonhearts: Amanda Lovelace, Nikita Gill, and Trista Mateer 


Dragonhearts is a collaborative effort by three of modern poetry’s most powerful female voices. This collection explores themes like self-love and female empowerment as well as the power of friendship. With a shared vision and gift for the art of storytelling, each poet helps bring the bigger themes to life. The poets incorporate aspects of myths and fairy tales as they masterfully craft stories out of our shared human struggles and experiences. Gill, Lovelace, and Mateer make a compelling and complementary poetry collection full of passion and purpose. The fact that readers get to experience the magic of all three writers in one beautifully unique and powerful book is a real treat. 


Disconnected: Poems & Stories of Connection and Otherwise 


Disconnected is a lovely anthology that takes collaboration a step further as each poet involved explores the basics of human connection and shared storytelling. The talented voices build creatively off of each other as they find common ground in their emotions and experiences. Connection matters to everyone and these poets find ways to connect with their readers—and each other—as they spill their hearts onto the pages of this anthology. With a shared focus on the topic of connection,  the unique perspectives serve to strengthen the book while maintaining the cohesion of the collection’s theme. 


I hope that this list has given you some exciting new poetry collections to dive into as you explore the genre of collaboration poetry in your reading time.