Reclaiming Our Voices Through Modern Poetry

Poetry is a timeless art form that connects people with the world around them. It is ever-evolving—changing and growing with new generations of writers and readers. The modern poetry movement, in particular, has people excited about artistic expression and how it can help all of us on our journey to healing.

There will always be a place for classical poetry, but the modern poetry movement has given people a chance to experience poetry in a new and exciting way. It is empowering people to share their thoughts, to write their hearts, and to expand their souls as they connect with the art of the written word.

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One of the things that makes poetry so special is that it has the power to be both raw and relatable. The right poem can become a mantra for a struggling soul or the inspiration they need to move forward in strength and hope. In Bloom for Yourself April Green writes, “i am beautifully broken/open/(and this is how the sky must feel after a storm).” This lovely poem is a reminder to readers that being broken and vulnerable can be a beautiful time of transformation and healing.

The modern poetry movement is helping people become comfortable with transparency. It is giving readers and writers alike the opportunity to open up and heal together. If you scroll through the Instagram comments on any poet’s post, you’ll likely see a chorus of “this is me too” or “this describes what I’m going through so perfectly.” People tag their friends and send posts to loved ones. Modern poetry has started a domino effect of healing by giving people a safe place to talk openly about their fears, hopes, and dreams.

One of my favorite poems comes from Alfa and reads, “I breathe in . . . /the air is electric./And I must confess,/I like the scent of/survival upon my skin.” The poem is radiant with the promise of change and growth. It is a testament to the struggle that preceded the moment depicted, and it is respecting the process and the time it took to breathe in—head held high—and step forward into what’s next.

The beauty of poetry is that it gives us a common ground for healing. We may not be experiencing the exact same situation as someone else, but we have a lot of the same emotions that narrate our time here on earth. Social media can bring us closer to voices and artists who find a way to describe the very emotions that have been weighing on our hearts. It is a platform for each voice to be heard and shared.

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Alison Malee writes often about hope and healing. In a poem depicted on her Instagram page, Malee writes: “faith needed a home/and so I built one./(I am the home.)” I love this one because it helps remind the reader of their worthiness. We can find strength, faith, and hope within ourselves. We can nurture those feelings and provide a home for them because they have always been within us. We just needed to remember to open the door.

The three women mentioned in this post are just a few of my favorite voices, but every poet has a message for the world. Modern poetry may look and sound different than the poetry that came before it, but there’s no denying it is powerful, and it is helping people find their voices again by allowing them to reclaim their stories and heal through words.