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Poetic Goals to Embrace Based on Your Sun Sign: Astrological New Year Inspirations

We might be three months into 2022, but the Astrological New Year arrives on March 20, when the sun enters Aries. Whether you’re feeling motivated or sluggish, this celestial milestone promises inspiration, a renewed sense of individuality, and a bold new start. It can also mark a time to start learning more about your astrological sign and how to foster your own personal growth. 


A recent release from Sanctuary Astrology, titled What’s Your Sign?, strives to help readers do just that. With more than 200 pages of astrological musings, informative charts, and whimsical illustrations, What’s Your Sign? is an engrossing deep-dive for astrology newbies, as well as a fun refresher and reference guide for long-time stargazers. The book inspired these writing tips, personalized for each unique sun sign. According to Sanctuary Astrology, “the placement of your sun reflects your overall approach to life, your values, and your creative energy,” which includes your poetic pursuits!


If you’re an Aries, embrace free writing for 10 minutes a day.

Sanctuary Astrology describes fiery Aries as having a “charge-ahead approach,” making them likely to “act first, think later.” This spontaneity and impulsivity can help fuel writing. While Aries may push back against structured routine, a liberating, flexible free-write fits their love for brainstorming. 


If you’re a Taurus, make writing a part of your regular self-care routine. 

Taurus, the source of your sanity is a sensual experience. When you slip into a warm bubble bath, wrap yourself in a silky robe, or make an elaborate meal to enjoy with your lucky loved ones, you’re not being self-indulgent—you’re feeding your soul,” writes the Sanctuary Astrology team. Embrace this luxury and capacity for self-care by integrating writing as part of a spa night: Light some candles, put on a soothing face scrub, and bring your journal into the bathtub or your comfiest chair. 


If you’re a Gemini, integrate research into your poetry.

Above all, Geminis are insatiably curious. Or, as Sanctuary Astrology describes it, “Communication and intellectual stimulation are vital; you absorb new ideas in pop culture, technology, and whatever fields interest you as easily as other people breathe.” Whether your latest fascination is the French Revolution, abstract art, or plant care, go fully down the rabbit hole—and let your natural propensity for research inform a new poem or poetry manuscript. 


If you’re a Cancer, cultivate a cozy and sacred writing space.

Cancers are gentle and sensitive homebodies. They “truly shine when they are in their own space, surrounded by people they care about,” says Sanctuary Astrology. Curating a highly personalized, relaxing writing station—well-stocked with all the essential tools and joyful details—will help Cancers, who can become easily “overwhelmed by chaos,” stay grounded and serene in their writing practice.


If you’re a Leo, host a writing workshop, open mic night, or literary salon. 

According to Sanctuary Astrology, Leos at best become “regal leaders” and “crave a pack mentality.” Their highly social and collaborative natures mean that Leo poets can naturally use writing as a way to develop deep bonds and community. Since Leos are skilled at bringing people together, they should consider starting a writing workshop, reading series, or poetry book club.


If you’re a Virgo, create a writing routine—but also incorporate flexibility.

Logical, consistent Virgos “are oriented toward the careful orchestration of life’s finer details to create a healthy, beautiful hole.” While some astrological signs rebel against routines, Virgos find comfort and motivation in uninterrupted, structured time. Try to set a writing date with yourself at the same time each week. However, Virgos also trend toward perfectionism and self-criticism, so fight these urges by taking breaks to avoid burnout. 


If you’re a Libra, appeal to your romantic side by writing love poems.

Simply put, Libras love love. Sanctuary astrology lists Libra’s “likes” as “flirting,” “poetic confessions,” and “chocolates.” Whether you’re a Libra with a long-term partner or an exciting crush, embody your romantic, idealistic, and charming sign by stepping into Shakespeare’s shoes and penning some love poems


If you’re a Scorpio, study confessional poetry—and get inspired to let it all out.

It’s no surprise that both Anne Sexton and Sylvia Plath—beloved for their intimate, diaristic honesty and their intensity—are Scorpios. Sanctuary Astrology counts “dramatic professions” among Scorpios “likes,” identifying “repression” as something this sign dislikes. Scorpios also need to achieve a high level of self-actualization to meet their creative potential. For these reasons, confessional poetry is a well-fitting genre for Scorpios. 


If you’re a Sagittarius, book a writing retreat.

Adventurous, often restless Sagittariuses know how to have fun, and may make other signs jealous with their unabashed capacity for playfulness and thrill-seeking. As Sanctuary Astrology puts it, “The foundation of their personality is an energetic, optimistic seeker.” Sagittarius writers may benefit from the fresh scenery and escapism of a writing retreat.


If you’re a Capricorn, identify an ambitious goal—like writing a chapbook or submitting to a writing contest. 

Capricorns see the big picture, preferring to work toward lofty, long-term visions rather than short-term projects. “Their highest satisfaction in life is derived from a goal that they believe is truly worthwhile,” explains Sanctuary Astrology. Due to this dedication and patient determination, Capricorn poets might opt for conceptualizing an entire poetry manuscript and making this a reality, rather than writing unrelated, individual poems. 


If you’re an Aquarius, bring together writing and activism. 

Aquarians value “pushing boundaries, dismantling oppressive systems, and finding a better way for humanity to live.” These big goals all have an underlying factor—Aquarians prioritize the collective over the individualistic. Rather than writing solely for themselves, poets with this sun sign will find purpose in using writing as a tool for social change. Maybe that means writing a speech for a local candidate, sharing testimony at a City Council meeting, or drafting a petition for an issue that you care about.  


If you’re a Pisces, think of writing as a spiritual practice.

“When the sun swims into Pisces in a person’s chart, it signals a deep need for spiritual completion,” writes the Sanctuary Astrology team. “As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces is entranced by their own path toward spiritual awakening.” Based on this core tenet, Pisces can incorporate poetry into their meditation practice, keep a journal to help them reflect, or practice poetry as a daily ritual, such as reciting a poem to begin or end their day.  


Your sun sign definitely plays a role in both your daily life and your writing life, but astrological components like your moon sign, rising sign, and planetary alignments represent other fascinating puzzle pieces. To gain a deeper understanding of astrology and all its intricacies, order What’s Your Sign? by the Sanctuary Astrology team.