7 Self-Care Poems for a Cozy Night In

Like the right sweater, the right words can bring warmth and comfort to the soul—just like some time alone can recharge you and make you feel whole again.

A cozy night in calls for poetry. It’s a chance to put your feet up, take in the stillness, and reflect. The best poems for a night in complement the process of contemplation and allow you to make sense of the day’s thoughts. The introvert in all of us appreciates the chance to immerse ourselves deep in thought, or better yet, deep in poetry.


“He And I”- Lang Leav

When words run dry,

he does not try,

nor do I.


We are on par.


He just is,

I just am

and we just are.


There is nothing quite as beautiful as souls that can appreciate stillness together. It is another level of acceptance when words aren’t needed and simple presence is enough.


Melissa Kennedy

there is a land i belong to

inside my mind

a land for the dreamers

the believers

the ones with bursting hearts

and infinite depth.


This lovely piece is a reminder of the infinite worlds that live within each of us. There is so much to explore in ourselves and in one another that goes way beyond surface level. It is in the depths that we find our passions hiding and waiting to be stirred.


Christopher Poindexter

You know what

truly aches all

that you are?

Having so much

inside you

and not having the

slightest clue

of how to pour

it out.


This is such a common dilemma for deep souls. When you feel everything so fully, it can be hard to know how to keep everything from overflowing and overwhelming your heart. It is a learning experience to let the emotions and passions flow through us without overtaking us.


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Madisen Kuhn

we can sit in silence

while the world around us buzzes

with all its uncertain chaos and

my soul will find yours

in the space that rests above

this mess of existing.


In the chaos of our everyday lives, we can find peace in our hearts that will counteract all of the noise in the world around us. We may even find others whose peace blends with ours beautifully as we share in the quiet together.


Pavana Reddy

i have silences

buried so deeply,

i weep when they blossom.


There are so many experiences and emotions we bury in the confines of our chests. We may not even know they have planted themselves there until after they take root and we finally face them and the blossoms they create. When we feel like we’re withering, we can be comforted by the fact that the soil within us can withstand the changing weather and find ways to grow in every season.


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Rupi Kaur

our backs

tell stories

no books have

the spine to



What a beautiful testament to the resilience of the human spirit. We all carry the weight of every triumph and tragedy that befalls us. Our experience can’t always be condensed to ink, as it is a walking, breathing tale of perseverance.


Morgan Harper Nichols

You are worth

the quiet moment.

You are worth

the deeper breath.

You are worth

the time it takes

to slow down,

be still

and rest.


In a world that puts so much importance on being busy, it is crucial that we step back from time to time and rest. We need to renew our hearts and recharge. We need to be gentle with ourselves and listen to our souls when they need a moment of stillness. It’s a show of strength to slow down and trust that it won’t hinder growth.


Poetry opens up portals to so many different worlds of thought. Explore them, experience them, and let them inspire you. Sometimes, a cozy night in can lead you down a path of reflection that leads to healing, acceptance, and appreciation for the quiet parts of our souls. Nurture them and allow yourself to enjoy the stillness from time to time—it may be just what you need.