person holding gemstone

7 Stunning Poetry and Gemstone pairings

Often admired for their shiny, striking surfaces and bright, beautiful colors, gemstones are as aesthetically pleasing as they are spiritually supportive. Stones like amethyst, amber, and emerald are associated with different energy fields and histories. Some are known for durability and rarity, while others are thought to resonate deeply with the human mind and body. To explore the world of gemstones further, we’ve selected seven poetry collections to pair with them. 


Amethyst + Softening Time by Elena Brower

Amethyst is a beautiful and bright violet color known as the “all-purpose” stone. It relieves stress and anxiety, promotes healing, and produces soothing dreams. Softening Time by Elena Brower is the perfect poetry pairing for this stone, as this upcoming collection encourages readers for deepening and softening self-awareness. Find it on shelves in May 2023. 


Sapphire + Look at This Blue by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke

A bright and hypnotic shade of blue, sapphire is associated with the planet Saturn. This precious stone is one of the most durable, and it represents royalty, integrity, and wisdom. Look at this Blue by Allison Adelle Hedge Coke is an intellectual, intense, and honest pairing for this stone. This National Book Award finalist uncovers the truths about America’s genocidal past and present. 


Amber + Golden Ax by Rio Cortez

A gorgeous yellow-orange color, amber is fossilized tree resin that has long been admired for its natural beauty. Often worn as a talisman, amber represents courage and self-confidence. It can also symbolize the renewal of marriage vows. We’re pairing this gorgeous stone with Golden Ax by Rio Cortez. Longlisted for the 2022 National Book Award, this visionary collection explores Black history and personal, political, and artistic frontiers. 


Lapis Lazuli + Bluets by Maggie Nelson

This metamorphic rock is famous for its intense blue shade and enchanting swirl designs. Geared towards wisdom and communication, Lapis Lazuli is thought to support clarity, integrity, and intuition. We’ve paired lapis lazuli with the iconic poetry collection Bluets by Maggie Nelson. This lyric essay uses the color blue to investigate strong emotions and experiences in a visionary and unforgettable style. 


Rose Quartz + Find Her. Keep Her. by Renaada Williams

A soothing, soft pink hue, rose quartz represents unconditional love. This stone opens the heart to self-love, friendship, and healing. The themes of love and acceptance in poet Renaada Wiliams’s collection Find Her. Keep Her. pair perfectly with this heart-opening stone. 


Moonstone + These Are My Big Girl Pants by Amber Vittoria

This opalescent stone is closely linked to balance, softness, fertility, and intuition. Although it’s usually colorless or white, sometimes it comes in beautiful hues of peach, pink, green, or blue. We’re pairing it with These are My Big Girl Pants by Amber Vittoria as a celebration of individuality, emotion, and female empowerment. Find it on shelves in January 2023. 


Opal + Playing with Matches by Michael Faudet

Regarded for its striking multicolor surface, opal is sometimes called the Cupid Stone, as some believe it promotes romance and passion. This stone pairs perfectly with the firey Playing with Matches poetry collection by Michael Faudet. Love, heartbreak, seduction, and self-empowerment will ignite your inner spark.