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3 Insightful Poetry Collections from 2022 on Self-Care

The end of the year is an often overwhelming, emotional time, and as 2022 comes to a close, we can easily forget to make space for ourselves—to rest, reflect, and set intentions for the new year. To support you in this practice, we’ve pulled some of our favorite self-care poetry collections from 2022.


Healing Through Words by Rupi Kaur



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Writing poetry is a great creative outlet for self-care and can help you process your emotions and experiences. Chronicle your own poetic journey with Healing Through Words by Rupi Kaur. After publishing three bestselling poetry books beloved by millions, Kaur released her fourth book to help you connect with your creativity. 


Featuring drawing and writing exercises throughout four chapters—“hurting,” “loving,” “breaking,” and “healing”—Kaur’s most recent work provides you with endless inspiration. Healing Through Words, which also includes the best-selling poet’s own poems as examples to reference, is built for beginners and seasoned writers alike. 


The Shift: Poetry for a New Perspective by Melody Godfred



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Self-care is more than improving our daily routines to ensure we’re caring for our well-being. This practice also requires self-reflection so we can let go of patterns that no longer serve us, making space for healthier relationships, new opportunities, and a more fulfilling life. Author, speaker, and entrepreneur Melody Godfred, known as the Self Love Philosopher, explores these themes in her second poetry collection, The Shift.

A bold, honest exploration of self, The Shift is a beautifully constructed self-care read. Written during the COVID-19 pandemic, Godfred reflects on her healing journey. Through 75 poem pairings, she compares her past self to the woman she is now. Exploring anxiety, relationship dynamics, and trauma, Godfred clearly captures “the shift” we all experienced to varying degrees throughout the pandemic, both on a societal and personal level.


The Enneagram Letters: A Poetic Exploration of Who You Thought You Had to Be by Sarajane Case



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If you’re on Instagram, it’s likely you’ve come across posts about the enneagram, a personality system focused on self-growth. Learning about your enneagram type can help you set clear boundaries, change behaviors, and, ultimately, take better care of yourself. Sarajane Case, speaker, writer, and influential content creator, uses her knowledge of the enneagram to guide people on their self-care, healing, and growth journeys. With nearly half a million Instagram followers and a successful podcast, Case is a trusted source on this popular personality system. 


Case’s recently released The Enneagram Letters contrasts with her first book, The Honest Enneagram, a fairly straightforward guide to help readers determine their enneagram type, by creatively exploring the enneagram through poetry and personal essays. This approach can help you understand your type on a deeper, more emotional level, allowing you to find self-care methods that work for you.


Hopefully these poetry collections inspire you to care for yourself. Healing Through Words, The Shift, and The Enneagram Letters are available now, wherever books are sold.