Woodland Wardens deck splayed out on table

Our Favorite Oracle Decks from 2022—and How You Can Use Them in the New Year

Whether you’re looking to gain insight into the past, understand the present, or envision the future, using oracle or tarot decks is a popular approach. Oracle and tarot cards can offer similar insights, but there are some key differences between the two. While tarot decks traditionally have 78 cards and a set number of suits and faces, oracle decks can contain any number of cards and/or faces. In tarot, there are also structured ways to read the cards, and that tradition carries a lot of power. Oracle decks, however, are a little more open format. A single card can serve as an inspiration, prompt a meditation, or help answer a question. Oracle and tarot can both be incredibly rewarding, so we’ve picked out seven of both that you can explore in the new year. 


Woodland Wardens by Jessica Roux

If folklore and mythology entice and enchant you, the Woodland Wardens oracle deck will be your cup of tea. Featuring beautifully illustrated plant and animal pairings, this 52-card deck (and accompanying guidebook) will transport you to another time and place. Let the natural world invite you to reflect and reset. 


Fortunate by Kim Rashidi

This unique poetry collection is based on the Rider-Waite-Smith tarot deck—one of the most widely used tarot decks in the world. Fortunate features 78 poems alongside 78 blank pages for the reader to use however they wish. There’s also an index in the back to help readers navigate the poems during readings. 


Modern Goddess Tarot Deck by Cecilia Lattari

Illustrated by Petra Braun, this beautiful deck celebrates the divine feminine through a lineage of famous historical and mythical females. Draw upon the energy of your most admired goddesses and historical figures when asking questions of yourself, your loved ones, and the universe. 


The Herbal Astrology Oracle Deck by Adriana Ayales

This 55-card oracle deck combines the power of plants and stars to open a portal for energy and healing. Each card depicts a sacred plant and a corresponding planetary alignment. Richly illustrated by artist Josephine Klerks, this deck and accompanying guidebook will invite invigorating energy into your new year. 


The Modern Nirvana Oracle Deck by Kat Graham

Awaken your intuition and deepen your awareness in the new year with this 50-card oracle deck and guidebook. From Amenti Oracle author Jennifer Sodini, this beautiful deck was developed in collaboration with singer, dancer, and Emmy-winning actress Kat Graham, her energy healer Frank Elaridi, breathwork instructor Bryant Wood, and illustrator Natalee Miller. This 80s-inspired deck is perfect for those seeking clarity and greater self-awareness. 


The Pulp Girls Tarot Deck by The Pulp Girls

This 78-card tarot deck was developed by the witty duo The Pulp Girls, who’ve dedicated their careers to creating diverse and female-empowering art memes. Those hoping to discover their strengths and take charge of their lives in the new year will adore this insightful tarot deck.


The Wandering Heart Deck by Reyna Biddy

Invite new levels of clarity and vulnerability into your 2023 with The Wandering Heart Deck. These 40 cards are gorgeously illustrated by Brazilian artist Muri Lugh. Themes of self-reflection, self-love, spiritual growth, and ancestral connection shine in each card. Not technically a 2022 pick, but still one to watch, search for this on shelves in February 2023.