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5 Efficient Poetry-Related Apps to Power Your Writing Process

From workout routines to meditation reminders, there’s an app for almost everything. This technology can inspire us to make time in our schedules, commit to a regular practice, and continually improve upon any talent or activity. For these reasons and more, apps can enhance the writing process. Here are five apps that poets should be sure to add to their home screen. 


1. Word Palette

Words are the building blocks of poetry. Growing your vocabulary can also grow your writing practice and your work. In fact, a common exercise in writing classes involves a professor reading out a variety of unique words for students to incorporate into their free-writing. 

Recreate this prompt on your own with the Word Palette app, which generates colorful, randomized word banks for writers to draw from, containing nouns, verbs, adjectives, and more. Many writers lean on the same favorite words from poem to poem—whether or not they realize it—and an app like Word Palette can encourage writers to disrupt and expand this internal dictionary.


2. Lyric Notepad

Of course, writing and music have a natural connection. Both art forms incorporate sound play, lyricism, and storytelling. Lyric Notepad capitalizes on this age-old relationship by keeping track of rhyme scheme, counting syllables to monitor meter, and including a thesaurus to infuse each lyric or line with strong word choice.

Lyric Notepad also features a recorder, which poets can use to record and replay themselves performing. This can help with the revision process. Additionally, the app boasts a metronome feature to keep the beat and rhythm while writing. 


3. Grid Diary

Part of writing involves being in touch with your emotions. Grid Diary is a journaling app that allows users to create and fill out their own guided templates. Gratitude sections and daily affirmation sections can help poets flourish emotionally, as well as serve as writing prompts. Fun details like stickers and hashtags let users personalize the app even further.


4. Poemhunter

Poemhunter is an interactive database of more than 1.4 million poems. A poet’s writing process depends heavily on their reading, making resources like Poemhunter crucial. Get inspired by the words of poetry greats like Maya Angelou, Langston Hughes, and T.S. Eliot, and use the search feature to discover new voices. You can keep your favorite poems close for plenty of rereads by adding them to your library.


5. Poesie: The Daily Poetry App

Do you love both contemporary and classic poetry? Poesie spans the genre’s timeline seamlessly, alternating between one new voice and one long-standing literary influence to share each day. Due to this versatile daily schedule, Poesie stands out as a method of making poetry a part of your daily routine. The ability to highlight, record yourself reading the poem, and discuss the poem with other users makes the app more than just scholarly—it’s also social, providing a window to a larger writing community. 


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