self love poetry by melody godfred

Why You Can’t Miss Melody Godfred’s Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers Audiobook

Melody Godfred, also known as the Self Love Philosopher, uses poetry to inspire, empower, and awaken her readers. Godfred’s poetry took off during the pandemic, with Oprah Magazine even referring to it as “pandemic medicine.” During that slower-paced, contemplative time, Godfred’s work—which emphasizes time in nature, personal ritual, and reflection—spoke to a wide audience of people who were suddenly reevaluating and rebuilding, much like Godfred herself. 

In a previous interview with Read Poetry, Godfred described recording an audiobook version of The Shift, her second poetry collection, as a “culmination of her life’s work and purpose.” Now, with the release of the Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers: The Collected Work of Melody Godfred audiobook—which brings together both of Godfred’s previous collections and plenty of bonus content, all in soothing audio form—Godfred is expanding on that purpose and giving readers her most vulnerable work yet. Here at Read Poetry, we’re always big fans of poetry audiobooks and what they bring to the genre, but Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers is a can’t-miss release that’s particularly fit for the audio format—check out our reasons why. 


Godfred has public speaking experience—and it shows


Before publishing her original and evocative poetry, Melody Godfred worked as a lawyer, a public speaker, and the founder of her own company. This unique and multi-faceted experience comes across in the recorded reading of Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers. Listeners will appreciate Godfred’s clear confidence, thoughtful pacing, and calming voice, which gives the audiobook an almost ASMR-like quality. 


You can hear the emotion and emphasis


The audiobook experience of Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers takes what’s on the page and makes it even more pronounced. Take, for instance, these powerful lines from the collection: “Everything can change and I will still be joyful. / Nothing can change and I will still be joyful.” This declaration, radical in its simplicity, comes to life as Godfred reads. You can hear the unflinching emphasis on the word “still” and appreciate the powerful juxtaposition between “everything” and “nothing.” In other poems in this collection, Godfred delves into the complexities of daily life through lists. For example, in one poem, Godfred asks, “How do I explain the others that I am? The woman, the immigrant, the girl who fled before she could walk… the thinker, the feeler, the worker, the creative?” Hearing these words in Godfred’s own voice gives new momentum to this list and showcases all that women are truly carrying. 

The audiobook is a powerful conversation between the right and the left brain


Just as the title Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers suggests, much of Melody Godfred’s work is a dialogue between the right and the left side of the brain. In the print version of her first collection, this comes across in pairs of poems—with the left side and the right side of the page speaking to each other. In the audiobook format, this conversation becomes more literal, with listeners able to hear the differences in these contrasting but equally important perspectives. Through giving voice to the right and left brain, Godfred also mentions often intangible topics—like guilt, self-love, fear, trust, and gratitude. The audiobook experience makes it easier to sink into these often obscure emotions and to reflect on how they’ve manifested in your own life. If you’ve ever wanted to hear the mind and the heart really speak, turn to Godfred’s work. 

Bonus features bring you behind the scenes


When reading a poetry collection, you likely wonder about the inspiration and process behind the poet’s work. In the audio collection Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers, Melody Godfred demystifies this. She gives context for each poem, discussing her goals in writing it and what she was going through. As a result, listeners get to come along on her full poetic journey. The audiobook also incorporates relaxing soundscapes and background music, plus five meditations on the topics of self-love, self-care, worth, hope, and authenticity. 


The audiobook is transportive and portable—take it anywhere


We’re always proponents of tucking a poetry collection in your tote bag, but audiobooks make poetry on the move even easier. One of the big themes of Melody Godfred’s poetry is finding refuge in nature and appreciating its small details. You can listen to Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers while at the park or on a walk to really embody these teachings. 

Get the Poetry for Thinkers and Feelers: The Collected Works of Melody Godfred audiobook here.