Snow-Themed Prompts to Help You Create a Poetic Winter Wonderland

This season, are you dreaming of a white Christmas? Playing “Let it Snow” on a loop? Watching holiday movie after holiday movie, awestruck by snowy scenes? Snow is a go-to element in winter-themed art, so why not incorporate snow into your poetry? For inspiration, here are some snow-themed writing prompts to help you create your own poetic winter wonderland. 


Write about your favorite memory of snow


Take a trip down a snow-covered memory lane by writing a poem exploring your favorite snow experience. Maybe the first time you saw snow immediately comes to mind—the unparalleled magic of waking up to a fresh layer of snow blanketing the world right outside your window. Or you might recall sledding with your friends or taking a walk through the icy woods with a loved one as a cherished memory. 


As you write, pull readers into your story by describing both your emotions and the scene, employing devices such as imagery and metaphor. How does light reflected off snow transform your surroundings, and what emotions does this sight inspire? In your mind’s eye, notice the details—snowflakes slowly falling to the ground, animals contrasting against the white landscape. Consider: can you employ a metaphor by reflecting on the impermanence of snow and how that might relate to your life? 


If you live somewhere snow is frequent, write a humorous poem about dreading snow


Although many who seldom experience snow tend to welcome the freshly-coated ground and chilly air, if you live somewhere snowstorms are frequent, write a humorous poem about dreading snow. 


When writing, consider expected topics that one might associate with a snow-themed poem. Begin your poem as if you’re appreciating a landscape, for example, then reveal your reality in a humorous way, such as noting the annoyance of driving through snow, which causes you to be late for work. While employing humor, let yourself be creative and have fun!


Write an ode to snowflakes


Zero in on the details by writing an ode to snowflakes. This prompt provides endless creative and poignant possibilities—snowflakes possess interesting characteristics that many poets would be excited to explore.


As you write, consider the specific qualities of a snowflake. Each one is unique and intricate, just like human beings. In your poem, reclaim the “snowflake” term by celebrating the strength of embracing one’s individuality and vulnerability. 


Take inspiration from a popular snow-themed holiday song


As you enjoy holiday music this season, find poetry inspiration in a popular snow-themed holiday song. Whether you hum along to “Let it Snow” or feel waves of nostalgia when you hear “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas…”, put your own spin on these classic lyrics in a poem. To help your creative process, curate a playlist and listen to your favorite snow-themed songs as you write, sparking inspiration. 


Snow adds a magical touch to an otherwise seemingly desolate winter. This chilly season, hopefully, these prompts inspire you to explore a natural element like snow in your poetry.