21 September Poetry Prompts To Help Us Process Change

This year hasn’t looked anything like what we thought it would. So much has changed, and so much will continue to change as we enter a new season. Whether you are feeling nostalgic to see summer end or excited and anxious for what lies ahead, there is so much to write about and process through poetry. To get you started, here are some September-inspired poetry prompts to help you process the changes around you and within you this year. 


  1. Write a farewell poem to summer. This can have whatever tone you’d like: nostalgia, excitement, hopefulness, etc.


  1. Use a homonym in a poem (For example: leaves (plural of leaf) and leaves (verb), fall (the season), and fall (to trip or lose balance).


  1. Highlight the sense of smell in a poem based on a favorite fall scent: pumpkin, pecan, apple, etc.


  1. Choose a fall location as the setting for your poem. This could be a farm, apple orchard, pumpkin patch, etc. Take in the scenery and let it set the overall tone for the poem.


  1. Reflect on last September compared to this September: What’s the same? What’s different?


  1. Write a poem honoring how you feel in light of the pandemic and the changing season. How has the pandemic changed this time of year already? How might we be able to write about it so that we can look back and remember this time? How can we find ways to celebrate fall, even during a pandemic?


  1. Create an acrostic poem spelling out the word “CHANGES” with a focus on the changing season.


  1. Highlight the sense of sound in a poem, featuring one that is specific to fall. For example, crunching leaves, the distant sounds of a marching band, or crackling fires.


  1. Think back on a favorite fall memory and write a poem about it: Who was with you? What did it mean to you?


  1. Sunflower season will soon be coming to a close: reflect on the beauty of a sunflower in summer and what that can symbolize as we enter fall.


  1. Write a poem using the words: crisp, sweater, crackle, and candlelight.


  1. Spotlight one fall color such as orange, red, black, yellow, or purple. Write a poem describing different objects or landscapes that showcase that color.


  1. What is your ideal fall night? Write about it in detail that really pulls readers in.


  1. Write a poem centered around a fall beverage such as cider, pumpkin spice coffee, or hot chocolate. Create a story around it: What makes this drink special, and how is it part of your memory?


  1. Write a poem about a crisp, September night.


  1. Write an acrostic poem spelling the word “AUTUMN”


  1. Create a poem using the words vibrant, still, warmth, and searching.


  1. Write about falling in love in September: What makes this month stand out? What activities highlight the love story?


  1. Think of someone you’d love to spend time with this September. Write a poem in appreciation of that relationship.


If you try out any of these September prompts, please comment or tag us so we can read your work. Happy writing, everyone!