Prayer in a Hospital Room – A Poem by Veronica Suarez

Prayer in a Hospital Room by Veronica Suarez  


Tonight, stars blink, tell tales

of a full moon apocalypse,

and in the silence, I can hear

the fears of the city echoing

though the birds are chirping,

and a toad hops on the granite.


I don’t believe we’re on the brink

of extinction: the only thing ending

is ignorance of climate change,

and what is emerging is a collective

consciousness of our fragility

in the chaos of the cosmos.


It’s almost a black-eyed moon

as I hold this frangipani

between my fingers, and I

look up at a night sky

spilled with dying stars.


I found the frangipani

on the pavement

scattered on the ground

underneath a tree blooming

with pink aching blossoms.


This spring, the butterflies abound

in the garden, and last I heard,

Earth is healing its ozone hole

while the humans are in hiding:

there is always a balance

even in the midst of calamity.


Tonight, on the fourth floor

of a hospital room in Miami,

nurses from the Pacific Islands

pray for the patients suffering

from the respiratory illness

known as coronavirus: it’s true

that even in the midst of pain,

there is grace, even in the midst

of darkness, there is God,


waiting in the rain

waiting in the dark matter

of outer space, in a black hole,

in a red star, in the May moon,

there is God, waiting on a wooden

chair of the fourth floor of a

hospital room as the nurses

breathe prayers, risk their lives

for strangers: in the midst

of this pain, there is God.