8 Poems for that Hygge Feeling

With winter weather knocking at many of our doors, it’s prime time to curl up with a favorite collection and a cozy blanket. Nothing beats the contentment and comfort we feel when snuggled up all safe and warm. And there’s a special name for that quiet, soul-soothing feeling: hygge (pronounced hoo-gah). The Danish word perfectly captures the zeitgeist needed to endure a long, hard winter. So to help you weather the winter months, we’ve selected eight poems for that hygge feeling. 


list of things to heal your mood” by Rupi Kaur

From her highly anticipated collection home body, Rupi Kaur gives us a quick self-care checklist in this calming poem. From screaming and crying your heart out to sipping a cup of tea, there is no wrong way to express yourself in the comfort of your home. 


Take Comfort Where You Can” by Michael Chitwood

Originally published in the June 2006 issue of Poetry magazine, “Take Comfort Where You Can” offers a slow and steady meter that soothes the soul. Chitwood reminds readers that being human can be lonely, but we can take comfort in the world around us. 


Shoulder, Shoulder, Slow, Slow” by Iain S. Thomas

If you’re getting your hygge on with a loved one, or if you’re missing someone deeply, this endearing poem by Iain S. Thomas will bring the warmth. Thomas gently recreates the intricate intimacy we feel when we hold someone close, and that might just be peak hygge. 


Dear Spider” by Angela Topping

If you’ve ever wondered what the little creatures in your home are thinking, this one is for you. This adorable poem depicts a conversation between a spider and a fly. While the fly contemplates a cozy dinner invitation, readers are immersed in the world of insects for short while. 


Neighbours: The Night the Lights Went Out” by Angi Holden

If you were ever enchanted by a candle-lit evening when the power went out, this poem will take your heart right back. Invoking winter spice scents, sweet treats, and warm light, Angi Holden tells the story of two neighbors who become friends in the darkness. 


They are healing” by Upile Chisala

This brief but meaningful poem from Upile Chisala is a wonderful reminder to cut ourselves some slack as we heal from past pain. Spending an evening indoors embracing the hygge philosophy is the perfect time to do that. Allow yourself to feel, heal, and unwind this winter. 


Little Prayer” by Danez Smith

From Danez Smith’s 2017 collection Don’t Call Us Dead comes the poem “Little Prayer.” Brief but poignant, this poem is a call for all those hurting to allow themselves to heal. Imagery of honey, lilacs, and lions strike a balance of ferocity and strength—much needed to help us move on. 


gentle reminder” by Billy Chapata

Hygge isn’t just about burying yourself in blankets and sweaters; it’s also about being content with what you must live without. “Gentle reminder” by Billy Chapata is a poem about just that. As you embrace feelings of comfort and contentment in your own life, prepare to also let go.


Gentle Reminder poem by Billy Chapata