Poems for Scorpio Season

This year, Scorpio season calls us to go beyond simple answers and do the work to understand life more complexly. Try not to resist the breakthroughs on your horizon. Rather than bury your desires, make them heard. Many twists and turns are expected this year, but don’t let them throw you. Stay strong, nimble, and ready to learn. 


Temporality is a big theme of Scorpio season. Running from Oct. 22 through Nov. 21, Scorpio season spans much of the fall season, including Halloween, Dia De Los Muertos, and this year—election day. Scorpio season is all about the cycle of death and new life, decay and growth, loss and new beginnings. It’s the perfect time to honor the past, let go of old mistakes, and take hold of the future. 


To help you weather the turbulence of Scorpio season with grace, we’ve selected seven poems to hold dear this year. 


Autumn” by Alex Elle

Change takes center stage in this poignant poem by Alex Elle. “Autumn had just shown up / with all her beauty and glory / and crisp recollection of shift / and submission. / how fitting,” writes Elle. Themes of loss, change, loneliness, and freedom are confronted against this autumnal backdrop. 


November Night” by Adelaide Crapsey

This brief but haunting poem by Adelaide Crapsey signals the finality of death that surrounds us. Yet, it calls us to accept it with elegance. Crapsey’s rhythm and imagery invoke the sounds of leaves crunching beneath our boots. “The leaves, frost-crisp’d, break from the trees / And fall,” she says succinctly. 


A Need To Belong” by Alexi Lubomirski

A personal transformation takes place in this heartfelt poem by Alexi Lubomirski. Scorpio season calls us to forego people-pleasing and follow our own desires. “. . . I realized that belonging to no one / meant a freedom to belong to everyone,” writes Lubomirski. 


Diamonds” by Beau Taplin

Equal parts poem and mantra, “Diamonds” by Beau Taplin reminds us to make the best of life’s greatest pressures. “Remember that diamonds / are made / under the weight / of mountains,” he writes. Scorpio season will bring great challenges, but it will also provide many opportunities for growth. 


Emerge” by K.Y. Robinson

“Emerge” by K.Y. Robinson is the perfect poem to turn to when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Rather than fighting change, embrace the tide. Use it to your advantage. “Keep swimming. Never stop trying to find your way,” writes Robinson. 


What’s Next” by Pierre Alex Jeanty

Another lesson in embracing the next chapter comes from poet Pierre Alex Jeanty. “What’s Next” reminds us that we may miss out on the future by clinging to the past. “The beauty in letting go is finding freedom and making / yourself available for more,” he writes. 


After Filing for Divorce” by Chelsea Rathburn

From Chelsea Rathburn’s 2013 poetry collection A Raft of Grief comes the poem “After Filing for Divorce.” The poem takes place in the aftermath of a messy party, likely celebrating a recent divorce. Images of stubbed out cigarettes and spilled salsa cake the scene, as the author looks back on the past. “It’s not enough to face your own regrets / (though they’re coming back fast, the things you said),” writes Rathburn.