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Last Minute Gifts for the Aspiring Author

Do you know an aspiring author you still need to buy a gift for this holiday season? If so, don’t panic—we have four last-minute gift ideas that are easy, affordable, and perfect for any writer.


Writing Retreats & Workshops

Like any artist, authors are constantly looking for ways to expand their craft, which is why writing retreats and workshops are two gifts you can be sure they’ll love. Both options can get rather pricey—as well as difficult to get into—but these three options are a great place to start if you’re looking for affordable and unique opportunities.


Desk Essentials

Every writer has a desk, and every desk needs to feel like a place where creativity can flow and grow! Whether it’s a notebook or a set of pens, writers can never have enough supplies. Here are a few small items you can find at any general merchandise or office supplies store—such as Target, Office Depot, or T.J. Maxx—that will make perfect gifts this season.


DIY Goal Board

While you can find ready-made organizational boards in stores, you can also make this a budget-friendly and fun project by going the DIY route. Becoming an author is a daunting task, and it is filled with ups and downs, which is why goal boards are a good way for writers to be reminded of their dreams daily and track their progress! All you need is a board (any kind works!), some sticky notes, and anything else you think could make it look extra special. This idea allows you to get creative and gift something extra personal. Below are some ideas for materials that are great to get your writer started with.


Author Signing

Every writer is a reader, and every writer has an author (or authors) who has inspired their work. A unique and quick present is a ticket (or pair of tickets) to one of their favorite writer’s book signings. This will not only be exciting and unexpected, but it allows you to give them an experience that they’ll cherish forever. Start by searching events by the author’s names or looking on author websites for details about buying tickets.