5 Writing Retreats to Apply to in 2022

Looking for a place where you can write more and worry less? A writing retreat might be the perfect vacation for you in 2022. These five writing retreats present an exciting opportunity to explore a new place, meet new people, and focus on writing. Whether you’re working on a collection of poetry, a novel, or a memoir, there’s sure to be a retreat that suits your style. 


Contemporary Writers’ Retreat in Paris, France

If Paris is on your bucket list (next to finishing your next writing project), this retreat is for you. Geared toward women writers, the retreat offers daily writing workshops, themed field trips, meetings with booksellers, and one-on-one coaching. In addition to the writerly offerings, the retreat offers a quintessential Parisian experience with lodging in a striking Art Nouveau house located near local shops, restaurants, and farmer’s markets. The retreat runs June 5–11, 2022, and participants can choose between a private room ($2,799) or a shared room ($2,299). 


High Desert Center Writing Retreat in Paonia, Colorado

Taking a gap year? The High Desert Center Writing Retreat might be your perfect match. Designed for budding writers and modeled after National Novel-Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), the goal of this retreat is to complete the first draft of a novel (so don’t expect to complete editing a final draft during your stay). There are two age groups at the High Desert Center: 13–16 and 17–23. The groups will have dinner together, engage with guest speakers, and network, but feedback sessions and lodging will be separate. The retreat costs $2,200 and runs May 4–June 1, 2022. 


Iceland Writers Retreat in Reykjavíc, Iceland

If small group settings are your jam, this upcoming writing retreat will make you feel right at home. The Iceland Writers Retreat offers intimate writing workshops and cultural tours in Reykjavíc. In addition to cozy workshops and lectures limited to about 15 participants, attendees will be able to enjoy local cafes, visit geothermal hot springs, meet local writers, and learn about the country’s rich literary tradition. The retreat costs approximately $2,000 and runs April 27–May 1, 2022. 


InkWell Composed Residential Writing Retreat in Sautee Nagochee, Georgia

Hitting a wall with your writing? Run by InkWell, this supportive retreat is designed to help you move past self-doubt, writing blocks, and distractions. Attendees will get plenty of personal time to write, reconnect with the pleasures of writing, and receive professional support for a healthy writing practice. Held at the Elohee Retreat Center in Sautee Nagochee, Georgia, the retreat runs May 15–21, 2022 and will set you back about $4,650–$5,250, depending on the accommodations you select. 


Jess Lourey’s Women’s Writing Retreat in Costa Rica

If a luxury writing retreat is what you’re looking for, Less Lourey’s writing retreat in Costa Rica is an excellent choice. This retreat is geared toward women writers who are working on short stories, novellas, novels, memoirs, and more. Each morning is dedicated to developing and refining your work, overcoming writing blocks, and even mapping career goals. In the afternoons, attendees are free to relax, write more, or explore nature, museums, hot springs, or anything else available in the area. The retreat runs February 20–26, 2022, and costs a total of $3,200.