Christy Ann Martine

Christy Ann Martine and Healing From The Trauma of a Painful Past

Trigger warning: This article discusses heavy themes, including domestic abuse, depression, and childhood trauma. 


This month, I had the honor of speaking with Canadian poet Christy Ann Martine about her courageous journey to healing from her painful past. She discusses her mental health journey as well as her experiences with trauma and domestic abuse. Through writing and sharing her story with others, she has found a way forward, and she is bravely speaking out about what she’s been through. Martine’s writing is a beacon of light for others experiencing similar hardships. Her words bravely show readers that they are not alone, while also illuminating a deeper message of hope and healing for the future. 


Christy Ann Martine: “As an adult, I endured many years of domestic abuse. I have also struggled with depression and Social Anxiety Disorder since childhood. It took many years for me to gather enough courage to leave the abusive relationship and begin a new, peaceful life. In order for me to believe I was worthy of a better life, I had to deal with the pain of my childhood trauma. I have learned how to heal from the past, let go of pain, and truly thrive. During my healing process, I realized that I could use my experiences to help others heal from their painful pasts.


I have received many messages from readers who have found comfort and encouragement in my poetry, some even choosing to have my words tattooed. This encourages me to continue writing poems about overcoming abuse and trauma. When I post a poem about this topic on my social media pages it is with the hope that it will reach someone who is struggling so they know they are not alone. I want them to know that someone out there understands what they are going through, I want to give them hope for a better future and perhaps inspire them to seek help and begin their own healing journey. Writing is my passion and helping others overcome trauma is my mission in life.”


Martine’s writing is honest, vulnerable, and hopeful. Written with deep compassion and profound wisdom, her words seek to meet her readers right where they are. Like the words of a supportive friend, Martine’s poetry seeks to inspire and encourage others as they process their trauma and move forward. She hopes that her words can help others seek out the help they need to heal. When asked to choose a poem that she feels describes her writing goal best, Martine provided me with a beautiful piece called “Flower in the Desert”.


Christy Ann Martine: My “Flower in the Desert” poem describes my journey of healing from childhood emotional and physical abuse. My greatest hope is that my words will comfort and inspire trauma survivors who need encouragement. I feel that this poem best represents my writing mission.


“Flower in the Desert” is a perfect example of what Martine’s writing embodies: growth and hope despite grueling and harsh circumstances. Martine’s writing allows readers a glimpse of what her healing process has looked like and what she has learned along the way. Her candor and compassion are evident in every line as she writes the words that many hurting hearts are longing to read, reminding them that they are seen and that their pain is valid, but also giving them the hope and support they need to keep fighting.


“Flower in the Desert”


Like a flower in the desert

I had to grow in the cruelest weather,

holding on to every drop of rain

just to stay alive.

But it’s not enough to survive,

I want to bloom beneath the blazing sun,

and show you all of the colors

that live inside of me.

I want you to see what I can become.