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For anyone with experience with family trauma, loss of a parent, and identity issues surrounding conflict with family, this book feels like it sees and hears you. It listens to you.

Sharing stories and cultivating inspiration is no new thing for Danielle Doby, who began giving people a space to be vulnerable on the internet with her Instagram account I Am Her Tribe.

"These poems are like a quiet place in a loud, angry, divided world," he explained. "It's a cross of nostalgia, baseball, family, coming home and there is some jazz thrown in — things that have been comforting to me."

Get cozy and read these seven self-care poems. Whether it's snowy or rainy or you just need a night in, these self-care poems will help you unwind and relax.

Learn about the healing power of poetry. “Reading or writing poetry creates a space for empathy, for seeing another person, for bearing witness to our common humanity."

Learn more about erasure (blackout) poetry from four famous poets. Erasure poets take a text — which can range from government documentation to Shakespearean sonnets — and cross out or paint over words until a new meaning emerges.