18 Jan, Saturday
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Poetry, as we know, can be healing and meditative, transformative and rejuvenating. Reciting poetry out loud can act as a type of meditation practice to keep the mind and body feeling centered.

While you settle in with your morning coffee, try taking a poetry book off your shelf and opening up to a random page. Maybe what you read will become your mantra for the day.

Whether you’re looking to write, read, or learn about poetry, there’s probably a poetry app for you.

For anyone with experience with family trauma, loss of a parent, and identity issues surrounding conflict with family, this book feels like it sees and hears you. It listens to you.

Sharing stories and cultivating inspiration is no new thing for Danielle Doby, who began giving people a space to be vulnerable on the internet with her Instagram account I Am Her Tribe.

"These poems are like a quiet place in a loud, angry, divided world," he explained. "It's a cross of nostalgia, baseball, family, coming home and there is some jazz thrown in — things that have been comforting to me."