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6 Online Tools for Poets

Some days, the creativity flows easier than others—and that’s okay. There’s nothing wrong with seeking a little help. There are a number of online tools for poets that can help fuel your writing. Whether you’re looking for a unique word, an interesting rhyme, or general inspiration, these six online poetry tools can help you find the way. 



If you’ve ever wanted to jump into a dictionary feet-first, Visuwords is the perfect playground. This online tool is a great option for finding inspiration. Simply type in a word and watch a web of related words and concepts spring forth. Allow yourself to tumble from topic to topic as you learn, and double click on any word bubble to start another cluster. 


Green’s Dictionary of Slang

If you want to take your word choice beyond Webster’s Dictionary, Green’s Dictionary of Slang can be a great place to start. This online tool is a repository of information on English slang—over 500 years of it, in fact. You can use the browse section to investigate a group of slang words, or you can search by history, meaning, or usage. If you’re looking for general inspiration, they offer a word of the day as well. 



There are many online rhyme generators out there, but rhymer is among the best for poets. Its simple interface is easy to use but complex enough to allow you to search for specific types of rhymes, like end rhymes, beginning rhymes, double-rhymes, and more. Simply select your desired rhyme from the drop-down menu, and type in the word you’re hoping to rhyme with. Rhymer will show you several options—even for the word “orange.” Ever blank on the next line? Keep Rhymer in your back pocket. 


Twin Word

Is hesitation slowing you down? Get to the next step faster with Twin Word. This tool is like Apple’s predictive text on steroids. The program analyzes the context of your writing, senses when you pause, and opens a box of suggestions for what to write next. You can also search for synonyms or other related words within your writing using the highlight tool, or take it to the next level by highlighting an entire phrase or paragraph. 


Omm Writer

Are you easily distracted? Fine-tune your focus with Omm Writer. This free online poetry tool helps eliminate distractions and offers a soothing soundscape to help you write. Omm Writer fills your screen with a soothing background and hypnotic keystroke sounds to help you get in the zone. Choose from two different experiences: a light, mountainscape background with keyboard sounds, or a dark, starry background with soothing raindrop sounds with each keystroke. Copy and paste your text or download it when you’re done. 


Writer’s Digest: Write Better Poetry

There’s a good chance you’re familiar with Writer’s Digest, as the organization has been helping writers improve their craft since 1920. Their Write Better Poetry page offers a slew of resources for poets, but perhaps one of the best things about this page is the many challenges to choose from. If you’re struggling with inspiration or looking for exercises to help you warm up your writerly brain, check out their monthly challenges, poetry prompts, and poetic form challenges.