5 Perfect Poems to Pair with Your Meditation Practice

Poetry is a beautiful form of personal expression. The eloquent use of verse and rhyme soothe our aching hearts in ways we can’t always explain. Poetry’s use of imagery provides us with symbolism that so accurately makes sense of our whirlwind of emotions. The words start to unravel the chaos of our minds as we work through pain and change. 


Like poetry, meditation often provides solace in the loud demands of the everyday. It comes as no surprise that poetry and meditation make a perfect combination. When we pair poetry with a meditative mindset, we get the chance to experience some truly transformative changes to our day and perspective. 


The best poems to meditate on are the ones that speak deeply to our souls and situations. When looking for meditative poems or verses, try to find poems that help make sense of the circumstances that you find yourself in, while also enveloping you in a sense of hope. 


In order to add a meditative component to a piece of poetry, try to couple your breathing with the poem. Read the poem a few times and find a rhythm for the words and the breaths to come together naturally. Allow yourself to be immersed in the imagery and to experience the poem in a larger way.  


I will sometimes read pieces aloud or write them down to carry with me throughout the day. Sometimes, I will choose a small excerpt and memorize it. Those words serve as a mantra and a much-needed reminder to revisit again and again.


Reflecting on my favorite pieces throughout the day has provided me with daily inspiration and an exhale in stressful moments. I have listed some of my favorite poems to meditate on. I hope this helps you get started on your own poetic meditation journey. 


Alex Elle:

even in doubt, I am 

committed to trusting 

my process. I am 

leaning into discomfort 

with faith, resilience, 

and curiosity.


Mary Oliver

to live 

in this world

you must be able
to do three things
to love what is mortal;
to hold it

against your bones knowing
your own life depends on it;
and, when the time comes to let it go,
to let it go 


Nayyirah Waheed


the ocean 

can calm itself

so can you. 


are both


salt water 







Danielle Doby:

the breaking

leads to opening


the opening

allows expansion


the expansion

creates more space


the space

invites growth in


Vera Agnes:

I am weaving the 

tapestry of my life.
I am spinning the threads of my past, 

the odd and knobbly strands, the 

smooth and soft ones, it is all flowing

like silk through my hands once I sit

down at my loom.
Only when it all blends together, I can

see the unfolding pattern I was blind to

see before. When bits and pieces 

seemed like bitter blocks before, they 

now turn into a manifold ornament, to enliven my life on a tapestry of 

The more I weave, the more I trust.
Though sometimes I will bleed and

blister, it is inherent to the weaver’s 

work and weave I must.
My tapestry is unique as yours, not 

better or worse, simply mine and as my

tapestry grows, so do I. 
I weave and I weep, I weave and I laugh.
I weave in darkness, I weave in light.

This weaving never ends.