4 Poetry Collections that Give Off Cozy, Hallmark Movie Vibes

It’s the time of year when you just want to curl up on the couch with your warmest blanket and your biggest mug full of hot cocoa and marshmallows. You’ve probably already started indulging in the music and movies of the season, so where does poetry fit in? Pick up one of these collections after the credits have rolled on your favorite holiday movie to keep nourishing the season’s sentiment, comfort, and cheer. 


LVOE by Atticus


If you like romance in your holiday movies, LVOE by Atticus packs all of the same swoony, passionate feelings. With romantic lines like “I didn’t see her beauty / I felt it / as plainly as the sun” and “I knew then / that all the meaning of life / existed somewhere / in this meadow / and in this girl / with a butterfly on her finger,” you’ll feel like you’re reading verse straight from a cinematic meet-cute. LVOE, Atticus’s fourth collection, also explores how self-reflection can lead to more meaningful relationships, a common theme in holiday movies and an important message to internalize year-round. 


Pushing the Envelope: Epistolary Poems edited by Jonas Zdanys


From love letters to finding secret, old letters, the epistolary form is a popular theme across the holiday movie genre. In his Pushing the Envelope anthology, editor Jonas Zdanys appreciates and exalts all that letter writing can do and convey. This collection brings together works by more than fifty poets across multiple countries, making for a reading experience that’s diverse, heartfelt, and highly personal. 


A Poem for Every Winter Day edited by Allie Esiri


Are you all about the magic of the winter season? If you find joy in the small moments, like ice-skating, cookie decorating, or just taking a snowy stroll, you’ll love A Poem for Every Winter Day, which celebrates these everyday scenes and explores the magic within them. The anthology shows winter’s enduring impact on the poetry genre, incorporating classic writers like Edgar Allen Poe, modern voices like Wendy Cope, and everyone in-between. The collection’s format is also a great way to take a short poetry break anytime during your day – you can sink into just one poem and get to know its details. 


Home Body by Rupi Kaur


While summer and spring might inspire constantly full calendars, restorative winter encourages us to balance time spent in community and in solitude. Rupi Kaur’s Home Body acknowledges the power of conversations with oneself. “I dive into the well of my body / and end up in another world / everything i need / already exists within me,” Kaur writes in the collection. Sounds like the perfect intention-setting for this season’s slow mornings and nights in. 

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