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15 Holiday Gifts for the Poet in Your Life

With the holidays once again upon us, you’re probably wondering what to get for the poet in your life ㅡ or maybe you’re wanting to sweeten the season with a gift for yourself! These 15 holiday literary gifts run the gamut from practical to whimsical. 


Day Designer’s Mini Lined Notebook

Poets love a notebook they can slip into nearly any bag. This adorable and mini, lined notebook from Day Designer is highly portable, so a poet can write down stanzas on the go anytime inspiration strikes. 


Personalized Book Stamp from Etsy

Mark the inside of your books with your name for a personalized touch that’s both sophisticated and practical. This will help your personal library feel even more your own, plus remind book borrowers to return your fave titles. 


Mini Doll House Bookend Kit

This DIY bookend kit is a chance for the poet in your life to get crafty and is an elegant way for them to unleash their inner child. They can use the supplies in this kit to create an intricate doll house scene for their bookshelf. 


Poet Street Sign from Etsy

Poets love to personalize their desk spaces and writing stations. This poet sign can be hung up behind a desk or beside another writing space for added flair and décor. 


Poet Tarot Sweatshirt from Etsy

There’s a long-standing and beloved connection between tarot and poetry. Poets can broadcast their love for both with this cozy tarot card sweatshirt. 


The Book Seat

The innovative ‘book seat’ holds the pages of your book open so you can read anywhere and with added comfort. The poet in your life can take their book seat to the park, the library, or a bookish bar, or simply prop up a book while they lay on the floor or curl up in bed. The book seat works with any reading position. 


Glocusent’s Bookmark Style Reading Light

A book light is perfect for reading in bed, on a flight, or in numerous other scenarios. This compact, cute, and useful gift comes in pink, white, blue, or green. Membership

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Book Hair Clip from Etsy

A book hair clip is a cute accessory that showcases one’s bookish side, plus it makes an easy and unique stocking stuffer. Poets can add this to an everyday outfit or clip up their hair before they sit down to write. 


Reading Journal from Papier

We’ve already recommended a writing journal, but a reading journal is also fun – and an effective tool for tracking one’s TBR. It can be used to track monthly and yearly reads, so poetry lovers know what they’ve read and how they felt about it in the moment. 


Pom-Pom Pencils from Anthropologie

Cute writing utensils can bring a smile to a poet’s face every time they’re used. These pencils add playfulness to a poet’s writing routine. 





Book Club Candle from Homesick

Homesick is Instagram’s favorite candle brand. This book club candle, which smells like the pages of a book, will bring any reader comfort and relaxation, while also blending in with any design aesthetic. 


Mary Oliver Broadside from Society6

Many poets count Mary Oliver among their favorite writers. The poet, known for finding  joy and nuance in the details of everyday life, has many poems that speak to optimism and hope. “Wild Geese,” one of the most iconic, is fitting for any living room wall. 


Still I Rise Book Tote from Storiarts

Reflect on the words of Maya Angelou anytime you go out for coffee or errand-running with this high-quality tote bag. The bag features the full text of “Still I Rise,” one of her most famous poems. 


The Moth Presents: A Game of Storytelling Card Game

Most poets love celebrating storytelling and delving into personal, interesting anecdotes. The Moth’s card game turns the famous storytelling show and tour into an interactive game to play with strangers, close friends, and anyone in between. 


Happy shopping, and happy holidays from Read Poetry!