14 Pick-Me-Up Poems to Boost Your Mood

When it comes to your mental health, a little reading can go a long way. Studies show that reading can improve your mood in a number of ways. Whether you’re looking for poetry to soothe the sting of heartache, or to encourage you to take the next step, these 14 poems are sure to inspire. 


1. For those who have lost trust

I hope you forgive the parts of you 

that are still doubtful 

when a good thing finds you.


They are healing.


by Upile Chisala


2. For those in pain

If the hurt comes, 

so will the happiness.

be patient


by Rupi Kaur


3. For those trapped by fear

Here is the fear, welcoming itself into your thoughts.

It has reason to, because it did not utter a lie when it said not

to fall in love with them.

Maybe it was right about the person, 

but it was never right about love. 

It was definitely not right this me. 

It is tying your hands together to keep you from catching your next blessings.

It’s trying to clog your thoughts with doubts so you make no room for better.

The beauty in letting go is finding freedom and making yourself available for more.


What’s Next by Pierre Alex Jeanty


4. For those in a creative slump

Take creative control.

Use the gift of freedom as desired.


Any direction you choose,

opportunity is waiting. 


Create the experience you want.

The brush is in your hand.


A Painter’s Canvas


by Marala Scott


5. For those who feel alone

Don’t be afraid of being alone

with yourself.

Lean into the discomfort

of being


on your own. 

Learn to love yourself

even if no one loves 


You will survive.

I promise. 


by Najwa Zebian


6. For those who feel held back

Greet the world with no expectation.

Love as though you have never been heart or betrayed.

Let go of the ones who take so much from you

yet offer nothing in return. 


This is how you take back your power. 


by Lang Leav

7. For those with rough edges



i must find ways

to be soft

without using my body


without wearing my heart

on my sleeve

for wolves to feed on.



hardening parts 

of me that scream

for it the most.


by K.Y. Robinson


8. For those who feel out of place

This is my world and I have a place in it

otherwise I wouldn’t be in it

If you feel a lot you belong

If you are tired you belong

If you are depressed you belong

If you are angry you belong

If you are suicidal you belong

This is your world you have a place in it

otherwise you wouldn’t be in it


by Jessica Semaan


9. For those grappling with regret

we’re only haunted

by the things

we refuse 

to accept


by Bridgett Devoe


10. For those holding on to hurt

I no longer believe anger will save me. 


For that, 

I have to put down the knife.

I have to thank my breath.
I have to let you go. 


by Clementine Von Radics


11. For those seeking growth

Your heart is here to grow

water it with love

let the light in

Remember your heart

is a world beating

beneath your skin


by Courtney Peppernell


12. For those feel empty

Self-love is an ocean and your heart

is a vessel. Make it full and any

excess will spill over into the lives

of the people you hold dear, but you

must come first. 


by Beau Taplin


13. For those seeking a new beginning

there will be moments when 

you will bloom fully and then 

wilt, only to bloom again.

if we can learn anything from

flowers it is that resilience is born

even when we feel like we are



Rebirth by Alex Elle


14. For those who feel small

a confession—

the answer is simple.


like the wind whistling 

through everything,

take up as much

space as you dare. 


Bravery by Alison Malee


If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a few moments to read, reflect, and relax. Practice some self-care by meditating on a mantra that resonates with you. And remember: no matter what you’re going through, you are here, you are alive, and you matter.