Velvet Dragonflies book

10 November New Releases

With the holiday season just around the corner, November brings us a bounty of new poetry releases to enjoy. This month, we picked the TK collections we’re most looking forward to. Whether you’re looking to line your own shelves or give the gift of poetry to others, these exciting November releases are sure to inspire. 


And Yet by Kate Baer

Release Date: November 8

From the New York Times bestselling author of What Kind of Woman comes a second full-length poetry collection. In And Yet, Kate Baer dives into themes of motherhood, friendship, love, and loss. 


Concentrate by Courtney Faye Taylor 

Release Date: November 1

Award-winning poet and artist Courtney Faye Taylor makes her full-length debut with Concentrate. Blending micro essays with visual poetry and found texts, Taylor explores the murder of a fifteen-year-old black girl and, through it, interrogates the issue of violence against women of color. 


Draw Me After by Peter Cole

Release Date: November 22

Musical, luminous, and free, Draw Me After transports readers from Eden to the modern world. With translations of drawings and meditations on the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, this inventive book displays Cole’s rigorous wit and deftness as a translator. 


Golden by Wilder Poetry

Release Date: November 22

Warm your soul this season with a brand new collection from bestselling poet Wilder. This celestial, optimistic, and artistic collection is told in four parts: Magic Hour, Soul, Oracle, and Sanctuary. 


Knot by Forrest Gander

Release Date: November 1

Award-winning writer and translator Forrest Gander brings poetry and photography together in this stunning new collection. In it, 23 striking black-and-white photographs of a body and cloth create tense and provocative symbolism, with which Gander creates inspiring dialogue. 


Milkweed Smithereens by Bernadette Mayer

Release Date: November 1

Lively, intimate, and inventive, award-winning Brooklyn-based poet Bernadette Mayer drops her newest collection this month with Milkweed Smithereens. Nature poems, pastiches, and epigrams examine the world as it was and as it is, through the pandemic. 


Now You Can Join the Others by Taije Silverman

Release Date: November 16

Poet Taije Silverman’s second collection, Now You Can Join the Others, examines themes of grief, desire, history, myth, and marriage. Flouting conventions of time and space, readers will find themselves in a castle in Naples one moment and in a Chuck E. Cheese the next. 


Velvet Dragonflies by Billy Chapata

Release Date: November 8

Zimbabwean poet and creative Billy Chapata offers a tender, gentle journey to self-love in his newest collection, Velvet Dragonflies. Divided into five sections—Viscose, Koigu, Damask, Charmeuse, and Landing—readers are invited to explore the evolving softness in rediscovering the self. 


Weaving Sundown in a Scarlet Light by Joy Harjo

Release Date: November 1

Three-time U.S. Poet Laureate Joy Harjo celebrates her fifty-year career in this exciting volume. Musical, intimate, political, and wise, Harjo infuses ancestral memory with resilience and love. 


What the Moon Gave Her by Christi Steyn

Release Date: November 8

In this moving and comforting debut collection from poet Christi Steyn, readers are greeted with imagery of nature and words of affirmation. What the Moon Gave Her finds paths to reconnection in the face of anxiety, self-doubt, and loss.