2021 Book Collage

10 Books to Look Forward to in 2021

A new year is a perfect excuse for a bookshelf refresh, and 2021 is serving up a whole slew of hot new collections to look forward to. If you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got the skinny on some of the most anticipated poetry collections of the year. So, get your preorder on with these 10 upcoming poetry collections. 


I Must Belong Somewhere by Dawn Lanuza

Acclaimed writer Dawn Lanuza just released her third poetry collection, I Must Belong Somewhere. A mix of poetry and prose, this collection provides readers with insight into topics like longing, home, bullying, loneliness, and mental health. Debuted Jan. 5.


Shine Your Icy Crown by Amanda Lovelace

Bestselling poet Amanda Lovelace is starting 2021 strong with the second installment in her newest feminist poetry series, “You Are Your Own Fairy Tale.” Shine Your Icy Crown is an empowering collection that encourages readers to own their power. Available Jan. 26.


Love by Night by SK Williams

A perfect marriage between story and poetry, Love by Night draws readers into a romantic, dreamy universe. A perfect pick for yourself or a valentine, this collection is written from two points of view. Through their push and pull, we learn about love, connection, relationship roles, and more. Available Feb. 2. 


The Truth of You by Iain S. Thomas

From author, photographer, and new media artist Iain S. Thomas comes his sixth collection, The Truth of You. In this touching and intimate collection, Thomas places the universal themes of love, life, joy, and sadness under the microscope. Available March 23. 


The Gravity Inside Us by Chloë Frayne

Rising Australian poet Chloë Frayne draws from her life of travel, hope, distance, healing, and adventure in this upcoming collection. The Gravity Inside Us unpacks the life elements that pull us in and out of place—be it fate, chance, or divine intervention. Available April 6.


Old Monarch by Courtney Marie Andrews

Arizona-born poet and songwriter Courtney Marie Andrews releases her debut poetry collection, Old Monarch, this year. Evoking imagery of the monarch butterfly, Andrews explores themes of longing and desire against the backdrop of her childhood in the American Southwest. Available April 6. 


The Apricot Memoirs by Tess Guinery

Art, poetry, and prose come together in this creative and colorful collection by Australian artist Tess Guinery. Thoughtful, playful, and personal, the book takes on themes of love, growth, motherhood, spirituality, creativity, and more. Available April 13.


Clarity & Connection by Yung Pueblo

If personal growth is part of your vision for 2021, this forthcoming collection from Yung Pueblo is for you. Clarity & Connection explores how past wounds can impact our present relationships, and it guides readers through releasing those heartaches to move forward. Available April 27.


Soft Thorns Vol. II by Bridgett Devoue

Bridgett Devoue invites readers to swim with her in life’s turbulent waters in this new collection. Taking on themes of love, lust, heartbreak, and abuse, she encourages readers to find the light in the darkest of places. Available May 4. 


Vulnerable AF by Tarriona Ball

If you liked the memoir-in-verse style of Emily Dalton’s Be Straight With Me (2020), you’ll love Vulnerable AF just as much. Author Tarriona “Tank” Ball uses a mix of poetry and prose to tell the real-life story of a past relationship and the lessons learned from it. Available June 8.