Ways to Stay Creatively Inspired This Year as a Writer

At the start of the new year, you likely set resolutions or intentions for your writing practice. But, you might also be wondering how to keep your creative spirit lit throughout 2024. For inspiration, we’ve created some tips to help you stay creatively inspired this year. 


Explore our many poetry prompts


If you find yourself struggling to break through writer’s block, check out our many poetry prompts. Sometimes, all you need is a direction to let your creativity freely flow. From seasonal to nature-inspired to mental health-centric prompts, whatever topic you’re considering exploring in your poetry, Read Poetry’s website likely has a post for you to peruse. Consider setting a goal to write a poem based on one prompt per week, which will provide you with structure and consistent inspiration. 


Read, read, read!


Reading other writers’ works can help you find constant inspiration for your own writing. When you’re struggling to finish a poem or searching for a way to structure a collection, reading poetry books can spark your creative inspiration. This year, find excitement in reading by compiling a list of poetry collections you can easily reference, knowing that potential inspiration is waiting to be found in your next read. 


Choose a poetry project for the year


Whether you’ve wanted to begin a project for a while or this post inspires a new idea, commit to starting a poetry project for the year. An extended project like this encourages you to remain in a creative space. As you consider your project, decide how casual or ambitious you’d like your project to be. Maybe this is the year you write a self-published collection, start an independently-run poetry publication, or create a poetry Instagram account to share your work. Whatever you choose, find joy in the creative process. 


Join a writing group


Find community and inspiration this year by joining a writing group. Whether you find a writing group near where you live or join an online group, these are a great way to stay consistently creative by learning new skills and connecting with other writers. As you search for a group, consider researching if your local library or bookshop organizes writing groups/clubs. Maybe you’d prefer to attend a few workshops this year or you’d like to create your own writing group— consider what works best for you and your creative process.


Start a different hobby or endeavor


Creative people often enjoy expressing themselves through varying mediums. Although writing might be your primary creative outlet, consider starting another hobby or endeavor this year that inspires calm or creativity. Whether you incorporate yoga into your routine or start a knitting project, for instance, exploring an additional hobby unrelated to writing can help free your mind when you’re searching for inspiration as a writer. 


These are just some ways you can stay inspired in 2024. Try a few of these suggestions and see what works for you. Happy New Year, and happy writing!