Poets for a Cause: April Green

“Poets for a Cause” is a project I started to a spotlight on writers in the community who bring awareness to important topics. My first spotlight was on K.Y. Robinson, and she so bravely discussed mental illness and the stigma surrounding it. Spotlight number two featured poet A. Shea as she discussed the impact of living with a chronic illness. I highly encourage you to check out both of their stories if you haven’t already. 


In this installment of “Poets for a Cause,” I am so honored to showcase poet April Green, who is both a lovely human being and an inspiration to those around her. Her work is powerful and uplifting, and her individual story makes her writing all the more profound as you see all that she has fought through to get to where she is today. 


When I asked her about the biggest topic she strives to shed light on in her writing is, she said, “In my writing, I strive to shed light on the power that creative expression can have on the body and mind’s ability to heal from trauma. Whenever we experience pain or trauma, we feel alone, unheard, unseen, and if we don’t find an outlet for expressing these feelings, it can lead us toward unhealthy, destructive behavior, and even illness. 


As a woman who has experienced trauma and loss through breast cancer, I am a huge advocate for using creativity as therapy. I think it is the greatest gift you can give yourself because it allows your attention to focus on the present moment: on simply being. And, when this beautiful space arises, it takes the weight off your pain and enables it to loosen and soften and become free.


Expressing yourself through a medium such as art, dance, writing, or many others allows your true self to speak without fear of not being heard. It improves your self-esteem and helps with symptoms of anxiety and depression. Creativity is a very magical way of transforming pain and loss into something very beautiful.” 


I was so incredibly moved by Green’s perspective on life and healing through the arts. She is a huge role model for anyone who has experienced illness or trauma of any kind. She lives out the messages of her poetry by being a light for others and never hesitating to share her warmth with the world. A message of hope and healing is the best way to silence the hurt, and I think that Green does such a great job shedding light on the importance of finding healthy outlets to help each person on their individual journey to healing. 


I asked April to also include pieces that she feels complement the message she wants to send to the world. It is no surprise that her words are a genuine, heartfelt reminder to never shy away from creating and growing. Most importantly, her message is to never shy away from becoming who you are. 


“Expression needs no language


We all have a deep, inherent need to feel heard. Without judgment. Without apology—but from the very root of who we are—from the inside out. But what do you do when you don’t feel heard? Listen to yourself. Listen to what your soul is drawing you towards. Express yourself without words. Do it in a way that says, ‘I am here. This is the only voice I need.” 


April knows the importance of feeling seen and heard, and she wants her readers to never underestimate the importance of their art: for growth, for learning, and for healing.

“make more art:

It heals 

It lives on forever. 


And, it doesn’t matter

Who else sees your work, 

Or likes your work; 

The value lies in how you feel

When you’re producing that 


*If you have a poet you would like to nominate for a spotlight for an upcoming edition of “Poets for a Cause,” please message Liz Newman for consideration.*