Poetry Trilogies That Will Keep You Reaching for the Next Collection

Good things come in threes, at least according to several poets whose work reveals how related themes and images can span and evolve across a series of collections. While releasing books as part of a series remains more common in fiction than in poetry, this emerging poetic trend has a benefit for readers—after finishing one of these collections, they can head to the next in the trilogy for a book they’re sure to connect with and love. These four trilogies pack beauty, inspiration, and reflection across their many volumes. Add them to your list for triple the reading recs. 


Alicia Cook’s mixtape trilogy


Alicia Cook’s mixtape trilogy—which includes Stuff I’ve Been Feeling Lately, Sorry I Haven’t Texted You Back, and the recently published The Music Was Just Getting Good — showcases the intersections between poetry and music, as well as emphasizes the power of using poetry to spotlight mental health. The trilogy as a whole is a vulnerable deep dive into Cook’s struggles with anxiety, contrasting the life we present to others and the more complicated truth. A nod to the series’ musical inspiration, Cook pairs each poem with a song from her personal playlist. 


Amanda Lovelace’s women are some kind of magic trilogy


Witchy feminist poet Amanda Lovelace wrote her bestselling women are some kind of magic series with the goal of empowering women and reclaiming classic fairytales from girlhood. The princess saves herself in this one, the witch doesn’t burn in this one, and the mermaid’s voice returns in this one uses images like castles and sirens to transform mythology that has historically disempowered women into fresh, bold tales of women’s healing and strength. 

Yung Pueblo’s collections


Yung Pubelo’s three collections of poetry—Inward, Clarity & Connection, and The Way Forward—build upon each other to reflect how understanding and empathizing with oneself can lead to deeper connections with others, as well as provide the groundwork for a wider shift and revolution. Inspired by the poet’s journey with meditation, the progression of the series echoes the growing awakening of the self and the ability to transcend it.  


Pierre Alex Jeanty’s HER trilogy


What’s better than one collection celebrating the beauty, strength, and tenacity of women? Three! The HER series is Jeanty’s ode to the women in his life, a powerful acknowledgment of their journeys and their ability to take control of their own healing. HER I and HER II are available on Jeanty’s website, and HER III was published last year by Andrews McMeel Universal. 


Happy reading!