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Black Friday Meets Poetry: Sales for Your Bookshelf

It feels like I can’t remember a time before Black Friday. Statistics show that most shoppers do half of their holiday shopping on the occasion, which seems to be getting longer and more overwhelming each year. With some stores kicking off their sales days early, it can be difficult to navigate what deals are worth it. Of course, you know our opinion: The only thing better than poetry might just be poetry on a serious discount. When it comes to bulking up your shelves or your collection of writing tools, start here.


Barnes & Noble

The quintessential bookstore is keeping their Black Friday more mysterious than usual, with no exact breakdown of their discounts. However, they’ve promised their “deepest discount ever” on some of the year’s most popular titles, which include poetry. They’ll also offer sales on collectible editions if you’re looking for a pretty, Instagram-worthy volume from a classic writer. Lastly, the coffee discount will fuel your shopping frenzy—and your post-shopping reading binge.


Half Price Books

Books can be expensive, so budget-friendly Half Price Books has seriously boosted my poetry collection over the years. I also love the randomness and expansiveness of their collection: While you’ll find recent releases, you’ll likely stumble upon past poetry collections you might have missed. Shoppers wanting even more of a deal at Half Price Books can use the code “BOOKIT25” online for 25 percent off their order.



While the debate over e-readers continues to rage, if you’re a fan, then Amazon’s Kindle can’t be beaten. On Black Friday, the online retailer offers a variety of discounts, so that your poetry collection can be more portable than ever. The Kindle Paperwhite—typically $130—can be yours for $85, while the Kindle 2019, regularly $90, will ring in at the slashed price of $60. With both of these deals, readers also get a $5 e-book credit—perfect for shopping the many, many discounted titles in the Kindle bookstore.


Walmart, Best Buy, etc.

If you’re a poet, chances are you need a laptop to type and revise your poems, as well as to get them out into the world. While laptop prices might typically make you and your wallet cringe, Black Friday can be one of the best days of the year to invest in your work. The Acer Aspire 5 goes from $529 to $399 at Walmart, and Best Buy saves you $260 on the Microsoft Surface Pro 7. For a longer list devoted exclusively to laptop steals, click here.



Although a poet can use any journal, many prefer the iconic—and oftentimes pricey—Moleskine notebook. On Black Friday, stock up: The classic, high-quality brand will be marking down all full-priced products by 40 percent.


Now, the only thing left to find is a second—err, maybe even third—bookshelf!