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3 Beau Taplin Poems to Remind Us to Be Grounded in Gratitude

Having a heart of gratitude takes practice and daily focus, but it is a mindset that will help dramatically transform the way you see your world. When we search for ways to reflect on gratitude, it allows us to cultivate appreciation and love. It helps us focus on what matters and find little moments to be thankful for, even in seasons of stress or pain. 


There are so many ways to express gratitude in our lives, whether it is through reflecting on our relationships with others or on the ever-evolving relationship we have with ourselves. We can be grateful for a helping hand when we need it most, a well-timed lesson learned, or a moment of peace in the chaos. Searching for things to be grateful for will allow us to see little glimmers of light, even on our darker days. 


While some days we may struggle to find the good, we find comfort in knowing that we can practice gratitude wherever we are, through whatever we face. None of us are perfect at it, but the transformative powers of utilizing gratitude in our daily lives will bring about major changes in our hearts. 


Gratitude helps protect our hearts from the changing circumstances around us. It helps remind us to hope and to hold on to the things that matter most to us. While reflecting on this, I found so many lovely Beau Taplin poems that do a beautiful job of seeking gratitude and thankfulness every day. I hope that his words speak to you as loudly as they spoke to me. 



beau taplin


This is one of my favorite pieces by Beau because it has such a great practical application to our lives. Not only can we appreciate the examples he gives of happiness, but we can also look for and collect similar moments in our own lives. 


What might that look like for you? A piping hot cup of coffee first thing in the morning? A walk on a crisp fall day through your neighborhood with your dog? A phone call from a friend? 


These moments are constantly filling our days, and if we let them, they can fill our hearts with gratitude. Take a moment to collect some of your everyday joys today. Hold them close to your heart and let them warm you in the colder seasons of life. 



beau taplin

I love Beau’s ability to immerse us in imagery while also pulling our heartstrings with the sentimental. This piece does such a great job of showing appreciation for another person while also comparing them to other simple joys in life. Do you have a person in your life that makes you feel this way? A person that makes your life more full and vibrant simply with their presence? A person who reminds you of all the beautiful, simple, day to day joys that make life extraordinary? This poem serves as a great reminder to appreciate those people in our lives.



beau taplin

Nothing can stop gratitude in its tracks quite as easily as comparison. Unmet expectations can quickly harden our hearts and make us lose sight of how far we have come and everything we have to be thankful for. When we are grounded in gratitude, it allows us to dream with our heads in the clouds about our future progress while still taking time to appreciate our pace in the journey. 


Take a moment today to be grateful for every step you’ve made toward progress and healing. They all count, and they all matter. 


In a world that is constantly telling us to strive for more, to be more, to produce more, it can be hard to remember to stop and reflect on the blessings that we’ve been given right in our present moment. To be grateful is to acknowledge that nothing in life is guaranteed and every good thing we have is an incredible gift that should be appreciated and loved while we have it. I hope these poems have served as a lovely reminder: to find the good in your days, to appreciate the beauty in the people around you, and to acknowledge the growth happening within yourself with each and every step you take.