9 Poems from Madalina Coman’s Unforgettable to Remind You of the Power of Love

Romance blossoms so beautifully in our hearts, but what about when it withers? Sometimes, literature paints a picture of love that is unattainable and fleeting. 


In her newest collection, Unforgettable, Madalina Coman writes in a way that brings romance and realism together. She has a beautiful perspective on what it means to travel through love, loss, and the changing seasons of heartbreak. 


Her words remind us that through all the changes life brings, we can persevere and weather the storms of circumstance to find the sun within ourselves and the love that resides there all year round. 



I loved you,

the way

I craved to be loved by you; 

not realizing that maybe,


you needed to be loved



We all have different love languages, and it is so true that we often love others the way we want to be loved. When we challenge ourselves to reach out and love people the way they need to be loved, it changes everything. 




is death to

a beating heart. 


We often make compromises when it comes to our goals, hopes, and dreams. But each time that we do, a little piece of our own light fades. Settling is a slow stifling of the sparks within us. However, we have the power to change that path every day if we are willing to step out of comfort and to step out of settling. 



you grew roots

in the most unexpected of places

in the core of my soul.

I’ve been trying to pull you out

with both hands, 

but you keep resisting me.

you keep breaking through,


like a wild flower

breaking through concrete. 


This piece was such an elegant and profound description of the love that puts down roots. Like a flower growing through concrete, it overcomes the adversity around it and blooms in the most unlikely circumstances. This can be a blessing and a curse because a love like that can be hard to move on from and even harder to forget. 



you can’t let go

of someone you expect

to come back




you can’t forget

someone you fight so hard

to remember.


So many of us hold our breaths and anticipate the return of a lost love. We keep their memories alive and we tend to the gardens they’ve created in our hearts. But as long as we continue to nurture their memory and wait to see them just past the horizon, we will never truly let go and heal. This is such a wise piece about heartbreak that resonates with so many of us who have been there. 




does not reply;



it is full of answers.


We spend so much time shouting with our words and our actions as though that’s the only way to be heard. Sometimes, this causes us to miss out on the very wisdom that we are looking for. The silence gives us time to reflect and to slow down and sort through things, and it is in those moments that the stillness helps us find the truths we’ve been looking for in the chaos. 



the problem with arms


they get tired.

and they let go of the things,

the people they hold. 

that’s why

you should aim

to be held by hearts,

not arms. 

for it is far harder,

to convince a heart


to let go of

what she loves.


Love should go so much further than skin deep. A superficial love will never be strong enough to hold you when your world falls apart or when things get hard. But if the love has penetrated deep down to the heart, you will find that its permanence is much more dependable on so many soul levels. 



If you want to convince me 

of the beauty in your heart,

show me that

you can forgive. 


Forgiveness is one of the hardest things we can do, but it is also one of the bravest. A heart that has been wounded but still finds the strength to forgive is a rare and beautiful sight. It is a pure act of love and mercy to the other troubled hearts around us and to ourselves. 



I believe in

a dash,

a semicolon,


I believe in 


not stopping,

fighting for what matters. 


I believe in us.


Madalina has a romantic heart, but she also understands that real love is challenging and requires consistent work and perseverance. When we think of love as an emotion AND a choice, we can build off of the foundation that brought us together and maintain that love for years to come by believing in each other and fighting each day to make love stay. 



missing you –

a patch of sunlight

caresses my soul


morning wind, 

sad cherry blossoms

breathe rain


waves of memories,

come into the cove of my mind

one at a time.


The imagery in this piece was so hauntingly beautiful and sad. It so eloquently illustrates the grey skies of our days in mourning the loss of love. But, there’s a hint of hope even in the grieving where Madalina embraces the memories before she lets them go. I think for all of us, that is the ultimate goal: to feel the weight of the lost love and then to be able to experience the ebbs and flows of emotions that flood us with our old memories. 

For more, grab your copy of Unforgettable today.