7 Poems from Alfa’s The Salt In His Kiss for Souls Who Crave the Sea

Alfa is a beloved voice in the writing community who has dazzled readers for years with consistently beautiful and eloquent poetry. Her latest collection The Salt in His Kiss explores an ocean of feelings such as heartbreak, longing, and the search for home. The Salt in His Kiss by Alfa


The mermaid is a great representation of how people are never what they seem, how outer beauty can be deceiving, and how there’s so much to be explored in the depths of the souls around us if we are willing to dig deeper. 


This collection was such a refreshing read and flowed so perfectly with aquamarine imagery and the riches of the soul. Each reader will be able to collect their own treasure trove of favorite poems from this beautiful book. Alfa’s work will transport your heart to the sea while you navigate the storms you encounter there and learn to breathe in the salty air and heal.



As long as the tales you weave 

are authentic 

and spun

with yarns of truth,

you will bestow generations

after you 

with sentimental lore

of a passionate life

well lived.


Morning Breaths

The morning breathes upon

my flesh like

whispered promises and bad decisions,

like harsh, heated exhales while traipsing

through another humid day.

I’m bent and curved.

But when my feet touch the sand,

and my nose inhales the ocean’s tonic, 

my spirit rises 

and my spine straightens,

and I walk into acceptance.



You can sail the world over and not

encounter the same love twice in 

this lifetime.

Every soul is layers deep,

and we are not meant to explore all.

But with fate you will encounter the one

who blends the colors of the 

world flawlessly. 

And from that day forward you could

pick him out of a crowd blindfolded.

Because when you’re in love, your heart sees

things your eyes cannot fathom.



Why is it 

that goodbyes

never stick

the way

the echoes 

of footsteps




I will meet you at the place where you find


In the blanket of your sorrows.

In the pillows of your softness.

Acceptance will come from a heart that

soothes the weary and offers warmth to

those wandering in the cold. 



Be a conduit for kindness and compassion. 

Be a lightning rod

so that even when buried

in the sand, 

you create works of art

from the storms 

that dare to pass over you.



I walk past homes

with lights glowing inside,

and well-worn welcome mats

inviting outside. 

And my soul longs to be

just as accommodating. 


No matter the subject matter, Alfa’s writing is exactly that: accommodating. She describes human emotions vividly and wisely. You can tell she is a soul who has seen a lot of turmoil but is learning to navigate the riptides in her heart, which is such an inspiration for everyone who is hurting and trying to heal. 


Her poetry is raw and relatable while leaving you with a feeling of comfort and hope that the water will calm again and that even mermaid hearts can find stillness.