4 Tasty Wine Pairings for Your Next Poetry Read

Wine has so many distinct characteristics and flavor profiles. There is something for everyone, and it got me thinking: which poetry collections would be the perfect complement to some of our favorite wines?

Below is a list of some incredible poetry collections and their perfect wine counterpart. Please feel free to take this list as a recommendation for your next night in. My hope is that this will enhance your wine and poetry experiences as you explore the different combinations and all of the amazing things each unique blend has to offer.



Cabernet is a highly resilient wine, best known for its incredible ability to mature in taste and flavor. It ages with grace and is highly popular because of this. Some of its distinct flavors include cedar, violets, and leather.  

Who better to complement this flavor than Nicole Lyons? Her collection, Blossom and Bone, is the perfect mate for this profile. The poems pack a powerful punch and do a wonderful job of expressing several different topics: mental health, despair, melancholy, passion, and hope.

Throughout the collection, the myriad of emotions all grow together and create a truly unique and beautiful blend of “one-of-a-kind” flavor. The flavors are rich and complex and remind me of the beauty of a soul that has aged and grown no matter the climate.


Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir falls in the middle of the dry and sweet spectrum. It tends to have a very fruity profile with strawberry, raspberry, cherry, and blackberry coming center stage. It also features earth-driven flavors such as herbs, mushroom, cinnamon, and clove. The combination is a lovely mixture of the flavors of the wild.

Taste the Wild Wonder by John Mark Green is the perfect mate for a Pinot Noir. The poems reflect on the immensity of the universe. The book contains earth-driven symbolism, reflecting on the role of the stars and the wild in our hearts and souls.

This book finds a way to take some of the most vulnerable human experiences and express them with awe and respect for the larger role of the universe around us. You will enjoy reflecting on the poetic truths of our roles in the universe as you experience the subtle tastes of a glass of Pinot Noir.



Moscato is a sweet and fruit-filled wine. It can be bubbly or still. Its delicate floral notes such as rose petal and elderflower also give it a unique flavor. A glass of Moscato can be the perfect dessert wine to drink when you sit back and reflect on your day.

Moscato pairs well with  Alison Malee’s poetry collection The Day is Ready for You. This book so beautifully speaks about pain and heartbreak by opening the heart up to hope and grace. It is like a breath of fresh air to the soul. The collection is tender, moving, and refreshing. The writer bravely addresses the essence of the human spirit. She does it with poise and delicacy and reminds us that soft can be incredibly strong.  She reminds us that we can face the world. We can move forward into the light.


Pinot Grigio

The primary flavors in a Pinot Grigio are lime, green apple, lemon, and nectarine. This type of wine often has faint honey and floral aromas, with a flavor that leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated.

Wild Becomes You, written by Ashley Sapp, is a collection that encourages the reader to embrace the wild within. Exploring subjects ranging from mental illness to trauma to grief, and ultimately to healing, Sapp’s raw and relatable portrayal of our most vulnerable human experiences is a beautiful and refreshing take on the things that shatter our hearts.

Sapp has an impeccable skill of bringing the reader back to the faint honey undertones of hope. She shows that we can emerge, fully changed, but fully capable of embracing the wild and unpredictable journey that life becomes.

I hope that this has inspired you to explore the complexities of some incredibly breathtaking poetry collections. So, let the wine breathe for a little while and delve into a unique poetry and wine-pairing experience.



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