4 Soothing Poetry Collections for the Anxiously Attached

You may be familiar with attachment style theory, or maybe you’ve just heard the terms “anxious attachment” and “avoidant attachment” floating around. To put it simply, attachment styles describe how our relationships with our primary caregiver(s) have shaped our emotional development. Awareness of your own attachment style can help you understand and improve your relationships as you age. If you’re not sure of your attachment style, you can take this quiz. If you have an avoidant attachment style, don’t miss these four freeing poetry collections


Those with an anxious attachment style have a strong desire for intimacy but may struggle with doubt and fear of abandonment. Anxiously attached people often need reassurance from loved, ones. While we all need reassurance from time to time, anxiously attached folks may focus too much on their fears and have trouble staying present in their relationships. There are many ways to increase mindfulness around those fears to help manage them, and poetry can be a beautiful way to support that practice. These five soothing collections might provide some relief when you feel your anxious tendencies being triggered. 


Golden by Wilder Poetry

Anxiety can make the world feel dark, but remember that your light can never be extinguished. Inspired by the sun, this collection encourages readers to embrace life with a warm and open heart. Divided into four parts (Magic Hour, Soul, Oracle, and Sanctuary), this celestial-themed book reminds us that opportunities for love are never beyond reach. 


LVOE: Poems, Epigrams, & Aphorisms by Atticus

Three-time New York Times bestselling poet Atticus invites readers to deepen their self-love with this fourth collection. If you’re struggling with feelings of unworthiness, LVOE is there to remind you that love, peace, and acceptance must be nourished from within. 


The Shift: Poetry for a New Perspective by Melody Godfred

Self-love author Melody Godfred invites readers to meet themselves where they are now in this inspiring collection. The Shift supports readers in releasing feelings of guilt, unworthiness, fear, and resistance and invites them to embrace gratitude, surrender, and love. The Shift’s uplifting message elicits a profound reset sure to support you on your journey. 


you are your own fairy tale by Amanda Lovelace

Anxiously attached people tend to hyperfocus on the needs and emotions of others. You Are Your Own Fairy Tale is an enchanting reminder that the only thing needed for a happily ever after is yourself. Whether you’d like to read this the old-fashioned way or hear it narrated by Amanda Lovelace herself, this sweet and inspiring collection will help you be there for you when it’s most important. 

Soothing Poetry for the Anxiously Attached