4 Poetry Audiobooks to Play on Repeat this Summer

June is Audiobook Month, so to celebrate we’re giving you four poetry audiobook suggestions to play over and over again this summer.


Every Word You Cannot Say by Iain S. Thomas


Every Word You Cannot Say is Iain S. Thomas’s first, all-new collection following his popular series I Wrote This for You. He narrates the book along with Roshina Ratman, adding a conversational element to his poems, exploring the duality of the human experience.

Soothing, beautiful, and engaging, this poetry audiobook addresses the listener. It validates each word the listener has always wanted to say to express their experiences but ultimately couldn’t. It explores the relationship between love and pain and lets the listener know they’re not alone.

Accompanied by music and complete with an author interview and audio commentary, Every Word You Cannot Say will help you dive deep during your morning commute or evening walk.

Hear a poem from Every Word You Cannot Say: “Shoulder Shoulder, Slow Slow”


Sparks of Phoenix by Najwa Zebian


Najwa Zebian narrates her third collection Sparks of Phoenix in this rhythmic and powerful audiobook that explores the beautiful journey of healing from heartbreak and trauma.

Zebian emerges ablaze in this audiobook, not only as a survivor but also as an example of rising above pain. Through six chapters, from “Falling” to “Soaring,” Sparks of Phoenix empowers listeners to reclaim their identities, write their own stories, and “spark in the darkest of nights.”

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Between You and These Bones by F.D. Soul


Celebrated New Zealand poet F.D. Soul passionately narrates her second collection of poetry, prose, and wisdom in this poetry audiobook “for the nonbeliever.”

Engaging and dynamic, Between You and These Bones tells a story of love, loss, and adversity. With beautiful imagery and energy, F.D. Soul brings her book to life while maintaining the meditation and musicality of poetry.

Learn more: An Interview with F.D. Soul

The She Book by Tanya Markul


Author Tanya Markul narrates this collection of 114 poems, prose, and quotes written—and now spoken—for you, the listener. The She Book inspires listeners to find power and strength in sensitivity, vulnerability, and suffering.

Warm, inviting, and relatable, Markul empowers listeners to follow their dreams, heal, and indulge in self-care. A poetry audiobook for the queen in all of us, The She Book is the perfect book to listen to for a pick-me-up any time.

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