7 Poetry Collections for Leo Season

As Cancer season has come to a close, it’s time to make way for a new era: Leo season (July 22 through August 22). While Cancer season drew us deeper into our emotions through sentimentality and intuition, the fiery energy of Leo season will ignite a new sense of passion, confidence, and creativity. To help us lean into this empowering and exciting time, we’ve selected seven poetry collections for Leo season. 


Anywho, I Love You by Samantha King Holmes, r.h. Sin, and Graham Holmes

Romance and self-expression are at the forefront of Leo season. Naturally, that makes Anywho, I Love You our first pick. This intimate collection is a window into our memories as lovers, parents, authors, and artists. It encourages us to feel, meditate, and muse without shame. 


The Gift of Everything by Lang Leav

Leo season is the time to welcome the unexpected. In the coming months, step out of your emotional comfort zone and open yourself up to new experiences through travel, food, friendships, and opportunities. Welcome the world with open arms with a copy of The Gift of Everything in hand. This stunning anthology invites readers to celebrate Leav’s finest work and introduces them to new poems along with gorgeous illustrations. 


Home Body by Rupi Kaur

An opportunity to nurture yourself and prioritize wellness will present itself this Leo season. You know what you need to care for your mind, body, and spirit. Now is the time to gift it to yourself. Rupi Kaur’s Home Body is an excellent source of encouragement for further rest, love, and acceptance in the coming months. 


Playing with Matches by Michael Faudet

Keep it hot during this fire sign season with a copy of Michael Faudet’s Playing with Matches. Leo season keeps it steamy—both literally and figuratively—under the heat of the summer sun and with intense emotions at play. This collection compiles work from Faudet’s five published books alongside black-and-white photographs from the author’s private life. Ignite your imagination with themes of love, heartbreak, seduction, and self-empowerment. 


These Are My Big Girl Pants by Amber Vittoria

Leo season is the time to take center stage! Pursue those passion projects and let yourself be the center of your attention. A copy of These Are My Big Girl Pants is sure to inspire further enlightenment, analysis, and independence in your life. With a sense of humor and an appreciation for visual art, Amber Vittoria celebrates the ever-changing journey of adulthood. 


Unraveling by Brandon Leake

Indulge your artistic side this season by embracing playfulness, creativity, and self-understanding. Leo season is a time to greet yourself where you are with a sense of levity and grace. Unraveling by Brandon Leake brings the energy of self-acceptance into each poem with a powerful yet relatable style. Leake encourages readers to see the beauty in our flaws, the light in the darkness, and the complexities within ourselves. 


We Find Our Way by Reyna Biddy

The coming months will invite a new sense of closeness in your relationships with friends, colleagues, neighbors, and lovers. Don’t shy away from this new level of vulnerability. We Find Our Way by Reyna Biddy welcomes healing through a deeper understanding of love and dependency, both within ourselves and with the people we hold close.