Amanda Torroni writes with a cosmic grace, embodying the depth and darkness of the night sky as well as the kind of fire and hope only stars hold as they fall. Her work is awe-inspiring; each poem becomes something you spend time staring at, studying even, as one might gaze upon celestial things. To read her is to wonder. And then, always, to discover. In specific detail, she explores love and loss in a way that transcends and spins beautifully, hurtling fast until she breaks your heart, opening it to the world.

She brings the veiled, unsettling spaces down to eye level so that we might reach out and touch something unbelievably rare, something that’s always burned inside of us, and steady it, glittering there, in our hands. Not so much as a book, but as a piece of who we are too. There’s nothing like her, except maybe a galaxy that remains a mystery. Except maybe you.



stargazing at noon by amanda torroni