Akif Kichloo is a poet, doctor, musician, photographer, and an artist, who currently lives wherever he can find a kind smile. A graduate of JU, Akif holds a bachelor’s degree in medicine and surgery. When he is not pursuing artistic excellence he is either busy looking after his patients, traveling through Asia, or doing clinical research work and publishing it in the field of anesthesiology.

Akif Kichloo started writing at an early age, having contributed for publications like The Huffington Post and The Wire, he continues to write for various newspapers and magazines. His poems have appeared in various international anthologies like Poem a Day Anthology 2015, Umbilical Cords: An Anthology on Parents Remembered, Different Truths Anthology, Sheraza literary journal of J & K academy of Art, Culture and Languages, and numerous literary magazines like Glass, Palette Poetry, Fly Paper Magazine, and more. In addition, he was invited to speak at the prestigious TEDx stage at Christ University to present his talk Follow Your Passion.

Amidst the uncertainties of this amazing, magical, horrible, beautiful life, as he puts it, Akif writes on various subjects, posting a couple poems weekly to his social media pages with a huge following of avid readers and poetry lovers from all over the world.