world poetry day

7 Ways to Make the Most Out of World Poetry Day

World Poetry Day is on March 21st, and it is a chance for us to reflect on the beauty of words to connect us to ourselves and each other. Poetry is such a diverse art-form that has taken creative expression to new heights, especially with the emergence of the modern poetry movement. If you’re unsure of how to celebrate, I am here to help you brainstorm ways to elevate the art of poetry today.


Write a poem about what poetry means to you and how it has shaped your life. 

This is the perfect way to start out World Poetry Day, and if you are a writer, it’s a great time to try and put into words what the written word has done for you. What role has poetry played in your life? How has it changed you or gotten you through a rough time? What kind of poetry most speaks to you? When did you first notice the pull of poetry on your heart, and how does that memory make you feel? These prompts help remind us of how truly wonderful it is to connect with words and others through this medium, and it can be a really special time to think back on how it’s impacted you. 


Use a new poetic form.

Celebrate in style, or rather, poetic form, by branching out and trying a different approach with your writing. Perhaps a sonnet or a haiku will renew a project you’ve been working on. The focus on a different poetic device will remind you of how versatile poetry is and may help you appreciate different styles even more. 


Support your local poets.

When you go to the library or a bookstore, there are often sections that feature local writers. Try and check out some poets from your town and give them some support. Connect with them or go to a local poetry reading or book signing. It is a great way to encourage and empower another writer, and it may be a great way to make a new friend in the writing world as well. 


Support your favorite poets on your social media pages.

Throughout the day, try and make a point of sharing and spotlighting your favorite poets. You can make a post or even mention them in your story, and let them know how their work has inspired you. Be sure to tag them! Writers love when you tell them how you’ve connected with their work, and sometimes, you’ll even get a reply back!


Do a poetry swap with a group of people.

This option can be free or it can be a gift exchange. You can each write personal poems or select a poem online that speaks to you and swap with one another. Along that same line, you could each buy each other a new collection of poetry and do a gift exchange. It’s like Christmas in March for poetic hearts. 


Try expressing your poetry in a different way. 

This is another one meant to get you out of your comfort zone. Try and think of a different way to share your favorite poetry. Create a piece of calligraphy or artwork or use an app to present the poem in a new way. Ever done a spoken word piece? Give it a try today. Be creative with this because the opportunities are endless. 


Search for new poetry. 

Make it a point today to search for a new poet whose work you love. You can google, go to a library or bookstore, or even search hashtags on Instagram to find your next favorite author. Another great way to find new poets is by searching for a favorite poetry collection on Amazon or another bookseller site and seeing which books come up as recommendations. This will help you expand your reading list and your horizons. 


At its core, World Poetry Day is meant to celebrate poetry in all its forms. We can appreciate the diversity, while also appreciating the sense of unity it brings with it. Happy World Poetry Day, everyone! Let us know how you plan to celebrate in the comments.