The Poetry Book You Should Read Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Morning routine: shower, coffee, horoscope. This has been my before-work regimen for a few months now, and nothing has seemed to kick off each day better than reading what the stars have in store for me. Whether or not you believe in astrology, it is still incredibly fascinating to read what traits you can attribute to your zodiac sign. This is exactly why I paired my favorite poetry collections with each star sign.

aries – wild embers by nikita gill | courageous, confident, determined

Recently I listened to Nikita Gill’s IGTV videos and felt a renewed sense of confidence. Her words, for me, are the epitome of courageousness. Perfect for fire signs, like Aries.


taurusthe chaos of longing by k.y. robinson | patient, devoted, reliable

The first time I read The Chaos of Longing, I felt an ache in my chest. It is so beautiful and emotional. It has become a favorite that I go back to over and over again. This is why it is perfect for the devoted and reliable Taurus.


geminisoft in the middle by shelby eileen | gentle, affectionate, indecisive

Soft in the Middle is such a beautiful book about growth and self-love. The body positive movement is one that is close to my heart, and I love the gentle way that Shelby Eileen writes about learning to love yourself. Affectionate and expressive Geminis will love this book.


cancer – pillow thoughts by courtney peppernell | highly imaginative, loyal, emotional

Pillow Thoughts by Courtney Peppernell is a new favorite of mine. I have only owned this book for just over a month, but I have already read it three times. Each time I read it, I become invested in ways that I haven’t before. It is deeply emotional and everything that water sign Cancer needs!

leo – the day is ready for you by alison malee | creative, passionate, warm hearted

Leos are creative, passionate, and warm hearted, which is how I would describe Alison Malee. Her collection, The Day is Ready for You, is the perfect book to jumpstart a Leo’s next project.

virgolove, and you by gretchen gomez | loyal, kind, self-critical

Oh, Virgo. This is my personal star sign, so I am very familiar with it. We are a loyal bunch but we are also very analytical. We love deeply but not freely. We are very selective with who we choose to love, but once we’ve made up our mind, we are in it for the long run. I chose Love, and You because it’s my current favorite, and I’m a Virgo so I get to make the rules for this one!

libra – we carry the sky by mckayla robbin | diplomatic, gracious

I absolutely loved We Carry the Sky by Mckayla Robbin. It is incredibly empowering and made me feel proud to be a woman. I have paired this beautiful collection with Libra, or the Scales, as We Carry the Sky is a wonderful call for equality.

scorpio – soul like thunder by sophie elaine hanson | resourceful, brave, passionate

While looking up the characteristics of Scorpio, one book kept popping into my mind. Soul like Thunder is incredibly real and passionate and makes a perfect collection for Scorpio readers.

sagittarius – the princess saves herself in this one by amanda lovelace |idealistic, curious


As my introduction to modern poetry, The Princess Saves Herself in This One will always have a special place in my heart. This collection is so powerful and full of raw emotion that sometimes it’s almost as if I experienced the trauma that inspired this collection first hand. Amanda’s writing is revolutionary and explores topics that are typically avoided in literature. This makes it perfect for the open-minded Sagittarius.

capricorn – sea of strangers by lang leav | practical, intelligent, logical

Sea of Strangers was the first Lang Leav collection that I read, and it did not disappoint. It is no surprise that she has such a dedicated following. Leav creates beautiful and gut-wrenching poems, perfect for the steady earth sign of Capricorn.

aquariusdropkickromance by cyrus parker |original, independent, uncompromising


This is a collection that I will never stop telling people to read. DROPKICKromance is as intriguing as it is poignant. Cyrus Parker’s poems are truthful and imaginative in all the best ways. The first time I read this book I was struck by how beautifully he crafted each poem in ways that tore my heart from my chest. His honest, heartfelt words will speak to Aquarius’ everywhere.

piscesthe dogs i have kissed by trista mateer | compassionate, artistic, daydreamer


Trista Mateer could literally write out her grocery list and call it a poem, and I would still cry while talking about how much I relate to it. The Dogs I Have Kissed is one of my favorite collections and something that will resonate deeply with compassionate Pisces. Trista’s poetry and art pieces are so moving that they stretch my emotional capacity to places it has never gone before. This is the perfect poetry collection to pair with this emotional water sign.