Swimming Pool

Summer Poetry Prompts

A new season is upon us, which means we have some poetry prompts coming in hot for summer. I hope that these help light the creative fire in your heart. Whether you’re soaking up some rays by the pool or getting some much-needed rest and relaxation, I hope these prompts help keep you writing all summer long. 


  1. Write about a summer love. Draw upon your own love life for inspiration or make up a poem about an ideal summer romance.
  2. Think back to some of your biggest summer memories. Find a way to piece them all together into one poem.
  3. Summer often means vacation: write about a dream travel destination of yours.
  4. Write a poem inspired by the ocean.
  5. Use a sandcastle as a symbol or metaphor in a poem.
  6. Imagine that you’re looking at the shapes of the clouds rolling by during the day and searching for constellations in the sky by night. Tie these two experiences together into a poem.
  7. Drawing upon the previous prompt, reflect on summer skies. What are they like? What emotions do they bring about in you? Paint a word picture for your reader.
  8. Write about a favorite summer activity, whether it is swimming, going to camp, hiking, etc. How can this activity be a bigger metaphor for life?
  9. We all establish rhythms in our lives. Write a poem about the differing rhythm of summer compared to the school year or your typical schedule.
  10. Do you have children? Are you an aunt or uncle figure to a niece, nephew, or friend’s child? Write a poem about what summer means to them.
  11. Write a poem reflecting on what summer meant to you when you were a child and how it has changed as you’ve gotten older.
  12. Think of a smell that is strongly associated with summer (e.g. saltwater or suntan lotion). Write a nostalgic poem about the smell that came to mind.
  13. Ice cream is a summer staple. Find a way to make it the star of your poem. Maybe you had an important talk with a friend over ice cream, or maybe you have a distinct childhood memory that involves going out for ice cream. There are lots of options here—choose one that is meaningful to you.
  14. When you think of summer colors, which colors come to mind first? Why do they represent summer to you? Use them in a poem.
  15. Campfires: a place to share scary stories or s’mores with friends. Let the experience of being around a fire inspire your poetry.
  16. This summer may look different than previous summers because of the pandemic. Write how this summer feels compared to last year.
  17. Think of an adventurous summer activity: jet skiing, parasailing, etc. Write a poem describing the thrill and the fear that go hand in hand when pursuing extreme activities. How does this play into the bigger emotions we face in life when trying something new?
  18. Write about a life lesson (or two) that you learned from past summers.
  19. Write a poem inspired by a friend or loved one who has made your summer season special over the years.
  20. Write a poem inspired by a summer flower, food, or song.
  21. There is a stark contrast between the feeling of excitement at the beginning of summer and the sadness as it draws to a close. Write about this general concept or a specific encounter you’ve had that really highlighted this. 


If you use any of the prompts above, be sure to tag us or comment on the blog with your inspired piece. We love to see where our prompts take you creatively. Stay safe this summer, and happy writing.