Hiral Patadia

Seven Questions with Artistic Entrepreneur Hiral Patadia

Artist and writer Hiral Patadia, founder of the platform POP by hiral, takes a unique approach to poetry. Through her website, her wide array of products (from wall art to phone cases), and her partnership with Swarovski, Patadia showcases how poetry and art can fit into the details of our daily lives. The creator, whose work aims to heal its audience and celebrate different perspectives, talked with Read Poetry about her multimodal career, business instincts, and how writing plays a part in it all.


Kara Lewis: Your work melds both writing and illustration. Given the multiple modes of creativity within your work, how would you describe your art and how it incorporates poetry?

Hiral Patadia: I do love using different mediums within my work, as it’s visually pleasing to the mind for those who see and read it. I enjoy writing poetry because it helps the reader understand feelings through a deeper perspective. On the other hand, I also write short quotes and encouraging messages to uplift others. I believe every form communicates beauty and evokes emotion.


KL: You turn your work into wall art, phone cases, mugs, and more—what is the value of placing poetry and art on these everyday items?

HP: With @popbyhiral, I have cultivated a strong community through my written words and illustrated drawings to bring unity to all individuals. I have now introduced products, from prints and canvases, to home decor and accessories. These serve as beautiful daily reminders—something you can physically carry with you or place in your own desired space. I create all items with a lot of thought and extra love to allow you to feel more at peace.


KL: You’ve named your business POP by hiral, to express the “different points of perception that POP in your mind.” How do these bursts of inspiration come to you, and how do you sustain them to create a full work of art or product?

HP: I chose the name ‘POP by hiral’ after I realized I had so many topics and design ideas that popped into my mind. I gain inspiration through various outlets: people, stories I hear, stories I read, music I listen to, interviews, podcasts—you name it.


KL: In addition to POP by hiral, you also have a partnership with Swarovski. How is working with such a large brand different than working on your own creative projects? Does each process inform the other, and—if so—how?

HP: I started my collaboration with Swarovski at the age of 19. I create business plans, hire staff, review sales, and develop marketing strategies. This and [poetry] are two completely different fields that use two different parts of my brain. However, they complement one another. Understanding business allows me to incorporate its lessons into my creative endeavors.


KL: What do you hope your audience takes away from POP by hiral? What messages do you hope to communicate to them?

HP:  I want every individual to feel more at peace when viewing/reading my work. Knowing that I can help heal others through my words is the sole purpose behind why I continue to write.


KL: What’s next for you creatively?

HP: The next step for me creatively is to figure out how to get my product into a big box store, in order to impact and inspire more people.


KL: Given that your work intersects with poetry in a nontraditional way, do you believe our current definition of poetry is too limited? Do you consider yourself to be a poet? If so, how would you define the art form?

HP: I don’t think there are any limits to poetry. It’s a form of artistic writing that steers a reader’s imagination or emotion.


To learn more about Hiral, visit her on Instagram.