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Poetry Recommendations for Friends Who Don’t Read Poetry

Do you have a friend that you’ve been wanting to introduce to the world of poetry but have no idea where to begin? Poetry can feel intimidating and overwhelming to some people who are just getting started. But poetry is more accessible than ever, and there is truly a style for everyone. I have gathered a list of some modern poets that are a great place to start someone’s poetry journey. They cover a variety of topics and have a style that is both relatable and profound. I believe that there is a poet for everyone, so I hope this list helps you share poetry with your friends. 


Morgan Harper Nichols

One of the things I love about Morgan Harper Nichols is that she writes for everyone. She even allows people to share their stories with her to which she responds with a personalized poem. It feels incredibly personal because it is, but her poems and words can also resonate with a wider audience. The mark of a talented writer is when they can write something so personal that connects with a bigger group of people. That is how I feel every time I read a piece by Morgan Harper Nichols. An added bonus? She is also an artist, and your friends may be drawn to her aesthetic and her words because of the beauty of everything she creates. Be sure to direct your friends to her Instagram account or her books for more. 


Poetry Bandit 

The Poetry Bandit mostly writes shorter pieces but occasionally writes longer prose about a variety of topics such as alcoholism, love, family, and hope—there are even a few humor-based pieces on his page as well. I love the genuine nature and variety of his work. He truly offers something for everyone with his words. Someone who is new to poetry will surely find something that they can connect with in his writing or something that they want to share with another friend. 


April Green

April Green was one of the first poets who I came to love personally, and I just know that others will fall in love with her work as well. Her writing is so elegant and inspirational. Her words have inspired me more times than I can count and have also been a salve to soothe my hurting soul. Green’s writing makes you feel at home immediately like you’ve known her for years. You’ll see pieces of your own story in hers as you experience her prose. She is also not afraid to write about heavier topics while still leaving you with a sense of hope and belonging. I definitely recommend that you tag a friend in some of her work. They will be hooked too! 


Tyler Knott Gregson

Tyler Knott Gregson’s typewriter poetry paints, in lovely imagery, stories of life and love. He is also a photographer and the pictures he posts complement his poetry well. His poems perfectly capture feelings of romance, nostalgia, and hope. His words are relatable and profound in their delivery, and friends new to poetry are sure to find that his words pack a powerful punch. 


There are so many great poets out there that would make great recommendations for your friends, but this is a good starting point for anyone who wants to jump in. The most important thing about recommending a poet to a friend is trying to personalize the experience for them. If a poet’s words remind you of that friend, that’s a good place to begin and a sure way to start a conversation. Happy reading!