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Poetry Pairings for Colleen Hoover Fans

Colleen Hoover is a favorite on #BookTok and her books regularly soar to the top of the New York Times bestseller list. With more than 10 books spanning from romance to thriller, it’s easy to see why Hoover has captured an enduring audience—her books center on relatable characters, include relationships that make readers swoon, and pack a ton of suspense and anticipation. Hoover also writes primarily in the “new adult” genre, depicting the mid-20s, post-grad lifestyle in all its confusion and excitement. If you’re a Colleen Hoover fan, check out these poetry collections that explore similar topics with striking vulnerability. 


1. It Ends With Us and Soft Thorns Vol. II by Bridgett Devoue


It Ends With Us stands out as one of Hoover’s most emotional novels. It follows Boston business owner Lily as her seemingly perfect relationship becomes abusive, illuminating the realities of how difficult it can be to leave a volatile and unhealthy partner. Bridgett Devoue’s Soft Thorns Vol. II also takes on this intense and tumultuous topic with courage and gentleness, journeying from danger and pain to healthy self-love. 


2. Maybe Someday and Maps for the Modern World by Valerie June


Maybe Someday is the best Colleen Hoover read for music lovers. The book is told from the perspective of 22-year-old Sydney, who discovers her boyfriend is cheating on her. In the midst of her heartbreak, she forms an unexpected new connection with her musician neighbor Ridge. She creates lyrics as he devotes himself to music, making for a creative and romantic collab. Singer and songwriter Valerie June’s Maps for the Modern World also takes a cue from music, with the rhythm and soulfulness of June’s albums characterizing the entire collection. 


3. Reminders of Him and The Way Back Home by Courtney Peppernell


Fans often appreciate both poetry and Colleen Hoover books for their ability to encompass a full-circle journey. Readers get to see favorite Hoover characters go through a wide range of ups and downs, and perhaps no Hoover book showcases this better than her recently published Reminders of Him. The book is the story of protagonist Kenna Rowan rebuilding her life after spending five years incarcerated, as well as navigating the resurfacing of a past love. Courtney Peppernell’s beloved collection The Way Back Home similarly oscillates through pivotal and life-changing personal shifts, literally tracing a way back home to the self after the storm of the outside world intensifies. 


4. Verity and Edgar Allen Poe’s Complete Poetical Works


Verity marks Colleen Hoover’s popular foray into thriller writing. The book’s protagonist is a ghostwriter hired to finish the series of bestselling author Verity Crawford after she’s injured and unable to complete writing them herself. Ghostwriter Lowen Ashleigh doesn’t expect to find Verity’s unpublished autobiography, which divulges shocking and chilling family secrets. Fans who gravitate toward this Hoover title for its creepy, suspenseful vibes will also appreciate the gothic horror in Edgar Allen Poe’s spooky poetry, which they can get an essential introduction to by reading Edgar Allen Poe’s Complete Poetical Works. 

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