Poetry on the Road: 6 Audiobooks for Summer Road Trips

Summer is the season of road trips, where the open road beckons with promises of adventure and discovery. Whether you’re embarking on a cross-country journey or just hitting the road for a weekend getaway, no trip is complete without the perfect playlist. While upbeat tunes and podcasts are staples of any road trip, why not mix it up this summer with some poetry on the road? Here are six audiobooks to add a touch of literary magic to your summer escapes.


The Carrying by Ada Limón


Ada Limón’s The Carrying is a mesmerizing collection of poetry that explores themes of nature, identity, and the human experience. Limón’s vivid imagery and lyrical language paint a breathtaking portrait of the world around us, making this audiobook a perfect companion for your summer road trip.


Salt by Nayyirah Waheed


Nayyirah Waheed’s Salt is a powerful collection of poetry that delves into themes of love, healing, and self-discovery. With her minimalist style and profound insights, Waheed’s words have a raw and emotive quality that will resonate deeply as you journey down the open road.


The Poet X by Elizabeth Acevedo


For a more contemporary and dynamic listening experience, dive into Elizabeth Acevedo’s The Poet X. This award-winning novel-in-verse follows the journey of Xiomara, a young Dominican-American girl discovering her voice through poetry. Narrated by the author herself, this audiobook is a powerful and immersive experience.


Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur


From Rupi Kaur, Milk and Honey is a collection of poetry and prose that delves into themes of femininity, love, and healing. Kaur’s honest and poignant words will make you feel deeply and reflect on life’s complexities as you journey along the road.


A Poem for Every Night of the Year curated by Allie Esiri


For a diverse selection of poetry suitable for every mood and moment, A Poem for Every Night of the Year is the perfect choice. With poems spanning different cultures, eras, and themes, this audiobook offers something for everyone, making it ideal for sharing with travel companions.


Good Poems Selected by Garrison Keillor


Garrison Keillor’s Good Poems is a treasure trove of literary gems, featuring works by both well-known and emerging poets. From humorous anecdotes to profound reflections on life, this audiobook is guaranteed to keep you entertained and inspired throughout your journey.


Before you hit the road this summer, don’t forget to load up your playlist with some poetic inspiration. Whether you’re seeking solace in nature, pondering life’s mysteries, or simply enjoying the rhythm of the poetry on the road, these audiobooks will add a touch of magic to your summer adventures. Happy travels and happy listening!