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Five to Follow: Instagram Accounts for Poetry Recs

Reading poetry, as well as writing and sharing your own poems, can make for a seriously busy schedule. But making poetry a natural part of your life doesn’t have to be time-consuming or difficult. What if there were trusted sources to point you towards poets and writers you’d love?


It turns out we all have our own personal recommendation service right at our fingertips: Instagram. Read Poetry recommends these five literary-loving accounts to fill your shelves with lines you’ll reach for again and again.


Belletrist (@belletrist)

Founded by actress Emma Robers and writer Karah Preiss, this female-fronted literary club picks a new book each month. While genres vary, the account has also posted gorgeous words from poets like Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, and Ross Gay, acquainting their followers with everything from the classic to the contemporary.


Little Infinite (@littleinfinitepoetry)

Poetry platform Little Infinite distinguishes itself by posting both well-known and emerging poets—even shouting out strong fan submissions. The account leans more toward instapoetry, and breaks up recommendations with jokes and light-hearted encouragement. Recently, their take on the quarantine house meme had everyone imagining what it would be like to live with their favorite writers. 


Poetry Foundation (@poetryfoundation)

This leading literary organization and publisher of POETRY magazine also has a powerful presence on Instagram. Recently, they’ve posted works by Ocean Vuong, Emily Jungmin Yoon, and Joshua Bennett, among others. In addition, they’ve delved into poetry archives and celebrated National Poetry Month through the platform.


Berl’s Brooklyn Poetry Shop (@berlspoetry)

You know the sense of peace and pleasure you get when an independent bookstore employee finds the perfect title on the shelf? The Instagram account for Berl’s, one of the only bookstores in the U.S. exclusively devoted to poetry, channels these same cozy vibes. With a focus on indie chapbooks and small presses, Berl’s posts colorful arrays of their many books, recommending voices like Nabia Lovelace, Cheryl Pearson, and Stephanie Heit. For a bonus, check out the shots from their readings and other writerly gatherings.


Button Poetry (@buttonpoetry)

For fans of spoken word, in particular, Button Poetry posts not only beloved lines and book release announcements, but also videos of popular and dynamic performances. Though they entertain and inspire, these videos can also help you figure out your own slam style and rhythm.

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