Poetry in the Wild

Poetry ignites so much life and emotion in the hearts of its readers. It is active and alive with imagery. There are many creative ways that people bring poetic works to life. You might see them on sculptures, walls, coffee cups, or sidewalks. It’s the poetry we love in motion in our everyday lives.

I hope this inspires you to take a closer look at the world around you and to find the magic in even the most unexpected places.

A Mary Oliver Mosaic

Thank you to Lily for capturing a photo of this exquisite work of art featuring a classic Mary Oliver poem. If you ever find yourself in Minneapolis, I have been told that this mosaic is located in an alley on 26th St South, between Nicollet and 1st Avenue. Thank you, Lily! What a beautiful depiction of such a warm, empowering piece of literature.

Haikus on the Beach

Lost Haiku Poetry writes haikus and leaves them out in public to be found by readers. They encourage fans to take pictures when they find them and tag the account. It’s a great way to get a bigger audience participating in poetic expression.  You can find Lost Haiku’s poems written on rocks or in the sand. Sometimes, they will be printed out on laminated papers and hung up on wrought iron fences or even benches. The wonder is that you never know where you might stumble upon one.

Coffee and Poetry

I loved this unique depiction of an Atticus poem by Instagrammer Mosaic Words. Poetry can be paired with so many wonderful things: book shops, a glass of wine, a beautiful sunset, or a view of nature. It is a great way to showcase creativity and originality. Who doesn’t love a splash of poetry in their coffee?

Street Art in Galway

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this mural and poem shared by the account Galway Street Art. The attached photo features an excerpt of the poem “Annie” by poet Dermot Healy. It’s such a special treat when a poem is complemented so perfectly by a work of art, with hues and images that magnify the overall tone of a piece.

Art in Atlanta

This piece by Chester Hopewell is located on the Atlanta Beltline. The piece is a collaboration with Chris Gummo, the sculptor for the project. Hopewell started a project called #telepoems 8 years ago to spread poetry to a wider audience, which led him to share poetry through street art for the past 4 years.

There is no shortage of creativity in the poetic community, and the options for expression are limitless. I hope this has inspired you to never stop looking for poetry in motion. Keep your eyes open and take in the magic of the world around you. You never know where you might find a poem out in the wild.