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6 Poetry Communities to Follow for All Things Poetry

We all have our favorite poets to follow on social media. They brighten up our newsfeeds and give us our daily dose of poetry and prose. But another great way to experience more beautiful words on your social media is to follow different poetry pages and communities. They provide a vast array of poetic content with some even giving writers opportunities to be featured with the use of their hashtag. These communities encourage readers to celebrate poetry and interact as a community while also spotlighting writing tips and writers. I have chosen some of my favorite poetry communities to share with you in hopes that they will brighten up your feed as well. 


The Paris Review

The Paris Review is a literary magazine that is published quarterly. Their Instagram page features great poems and information about their poetry podcast. You can also find subscription options for their literary magazine and cool posts about poetry merchandise. I enjoy their Instagram because they share a lot of poetry but also behind-the-scenes extras pertaining to the podcast and the magazine. It’s a whole world of poetry that invites us to take a look inside. 


Little Infinite Poetry

Little Infinite Poetry is such a lovely community for writers. They do giveaways, contests, and offer free poetry guides and prompts. They also do extremely thoughtful and genuine interviews with poets. Their feed features a wide variety of different writers and also has fun poetry memes. It’s such a fun space to connect with others and participate in contests and giveaways. There is always something new to look forward to on Little Infinite. 


Her Heart Poetry

Looking to be featured? Her Heart Poetry is another online poetry community that gives writers an exciting opportunity to be featured on their Instagram. Use #herheartpoetry for a chance to be considered. I love this page because there are so many new, incredible voices that are featured on this platform. They also have prompts, book recommendations, and questions available in their story highlights to keep the poetic conversation going. 


By Me Poetry

Bymepoetry is another great community that might feature you if you tag them in your poetry posts. They also have regional pages from America, Europe, Asia, and more. In their story highlights, they offer some really helpful resources about their team, how to be featured, and general tips for growing your account following organically. They feature “spoken word” poets on their accounts, too. 


Poetry Foundation 

The Poetry Foundation Instagram is from the literary organization and publisher of Poetry Magazine. I really love accounts that remind us to support and subscribe to written publications of poetry. They showcase art alongside poetry and share photos of The Poetry Foundation’s Library (drool) and upcoming editions of Poetry magazine. You’ll see from browsing their Instagram that they have so many resources for poetry fanatics including podcasts, featured poets, and so much more. This community is a great way to expand your poetic horizons and connect with different styles of poetry from poets past and present. 



I really love communities that offer free opportunities to be featured. Omypoetry is another one that gives aspiring writers a chance to be noticed. You’ll also find some of your favorite poets frequently featured on this page, including Gemma Troy, Chloe Frayne, and Rupi Kaur. I like the combination of emerging poetic voices and our favorite established writers. They do a great job of bringing you quality poetic content that you’ll love, and they are always open to featuring new voices, which makes this an exciting page to follow along with. 


Read Poetry 

We are also a community that offers opportunities for features, and you can find quotes, interviews, poetry prompts and writing tips on our site and on our Instagram. We also ask weekly questions on our stories about the poetic process and the personal impact of poetry, so follow us at the link above for a chance to participate! 


We’ll also keep you up-to-date with some of the biggest names in poetry and give you a space to read and connect with the work of other poets like you.


Poetry communities are a special way to connect with the written word and with others. Each page does such a great job of expanding on poetry through different resources and opportunities, but they all share a common goal: spotlighting great poets and keeping people talking about poetry. These are just a few of my favorite communities, but if you have some that you love and would like to share with us, let us know in the comments!